Stuffed with Pancakes!

Thanks to the shoot 2 weeks ago that screwed up my laser appointment, I had to rush down after work for my appointment because that’s the only slot left this week -.- I guess I never wanna do that again. It’s mad rush!

6.15pm appointment but I only managed to leave office at 6.10pm because Wilson was giving us a lecture to hand over us the stuff we need to do while he is away for reservist~ Luckily the clinic was still quite crowded when I reached!


Check out my chio keyboard!!!

What happened was I saw this lady in the train having a hot pink keyboard on her S2 and I was like exclaiming in my head, “OMG I WANT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” So I started searching for it and though I couldn’t find the same one, I think this is damn chio too!

Just that it functions a littleeee differently and I’m still trying to get used to it! Pardon me for all the typos for the time being! All for the sake of chio keyboard!!! Haha!

Off to meet Lyn and Joan for pancakes at Strictly Pancakes and by right I did not have appetite, but the girls were so hungry that they decided to order 3 pancakes! 1 each for themselves and another 1 to share =/

As usual, the girls could not decide which one to order for sharing -.- So I resorted to drawing lots and Lemon Curd for the Nerds that is! (I think I need to prepare paper and pen every time I go out with them.)

They were so confident that they can finish 3 pancakes even though I already said I am just going to take a bite or two the most. But somehow I also kinda expected that the “shared” pancake will end up being mine! -____-|||

In fact they could not even finish their own pancakes! Why am I not surprised! The previous time Lyn and I shared the Tiramisu one we already wanna dieeee! Kay kiang luhZzzzzzzzzz.

So I ended up stuffing myself with that lemon pancake (luckily it’s nice!) but 1/3 was really the most I could finish! (It was supposed to be just 1 or 2 mouths!!!) And guess what happened to the remaining 2/3?

Lyn realised that she has her empty lunch box in her bag and they decided to dabao the pancakes!!! ROFL.

Settled the pancakes and it’s photos time!


What a face -.-“

Dislike taking photos in dim places because it always make the photos so grainy~


Bad eye day. Haha!

Teaching Joan how to act cute and then does it herself~

Buddy came to join us because his school is just nearby and then offered to be our photographer after criticising that my skill sucks. Anyway, cute chocolates from Lyn! (:

Because I’m a strong girl!
(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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