Like a tourist~

It’s a special day at MINDS because instead of our usual activities, we are bringing the residents out! This is my first time joining them for an outing apart from the fireworks outings, which I really miss!

Each resident is attached to a volunteer before we took the bus down to Singapore Flyers! Yes, the residents are gonna take the flyers and I believe it’s the first time for most of them~

Lyn joined us there because we needed 1 more female volunteer and she was keen to help out (:
The sponsored lunch was actually Popeyes~ And lao niang was just having sore throat…Zzzzz.

In the end all of us (the girls) donated our leftover chickens to Felix, who very willingly took over our accumulated leftovers! Haha! But who knows after the meal there was still ice-cream! And then cake from the celebration of MINDS anniversary! =/

Anyway, this outing was sponsored by this organisation that also sent down many volunteers to help out and interact with our residents. A little hiccups here and there when 1 of the residents started to feel unwell after his meal and puked twice, so waited for everything to settle down before we proceeded for our ride~

Another hiccup when the last batch of us could not fit into the previous cabin and we ended up with like 10 volunteers and just 2 residents in our cabin =/


Volunteers from the organisation!

They had even prepared games and this board for the residents to identify the places of interests!

Started off with the games but the residents seemed to be more interested in the scenery~ So we went on getting them to spot the different attractions (:


Conversing with my attached resident!

Conversing in Tamil with 1 of our funniest and most active residents! I only heard him repeatedly saying, “Bukit Batok!” LOL.

Not many photos to show because we are not allowed to show the faces of our residents (except back views) for privacy purpose. So scenery photos now! Hehe.

This is my third flyers ride but the first time taking in the day~ And it is definitely also my most memorable ride because our residents are simply so cuteeeeee!!! Always able to make my day ((((((:

I always look forward to meeting them each week! Not trying to be religiously disrespectful or trying to sound benevolent here, but as compared to attending services or other religious classes, I honestly prefer spending my time at MINDS.

This is because to me, praying is for myself, or maybe my family and people around me as well. But rather than waiting for prayers to come true, I would rather get hands-on to help the others. And when I see the smile on their faces, I know I don’t even have to pray for them.

Their smiles make me smile and in this way, I also feel that my life is more complete, because it’s not just about me anymore. Life shouldn’t be just about work, school, money, D3 and etc, but also how useful you are to the society, isn’t it? (:

Anyway, sadly, this might also be my last week with them until NDP is over because my Saturday practices are starting soon… Boohoo~ Gonna miss them (and other volunteers) a lot!!!

Did not go back to MINDS with them after the outing because I already had plans. Accompanied Lyn to get WY’s present first and she was trying sooooo hard to psycho me to attend the latter’s party! But I wasn’t in a party mood at all =/

Then she got attracted to the food fair at Suntec and we saw this Biggest Eater Competition!

The competition is sponsored by Popeyes and it’s more like a Fastest Eater Competition because the contestants were supposed to finish 8 pieces of chickens in 3 minutes!!!

It’s really scary how some of them (e.g. the guy with beanie) eats because it’s like a lion eating up a human!!! They ate real fast and I was so worried that they might choke halfway! OMG.

In the end, none of them finished all 8 pieces. There were a few that left with 1 piece, which I think is scary enough! =/
(By the way, the first prize is … $100 Popeyes vouchers! LOL.)

Lyn left for WY’s party after failing to psycho me while I headed over to Millenia Walk to find the nice cafe that Mr Ow recommended. But in the end I realised that’s more of a dinner place at night, so I settled in Coffee Club for my smoothie (which I forgot to take a photo of!)

Buay paiseh-ly stayed till I finished my book before heading off for some night view~


So sad that my panoramic shot turns out blur T.T

I like to take chio shots of scenery and tell myself there is postcard feel! ROFL.


Lucky me!


Mini light show! (:


Got postcard feel??? xD

Nowhere else to roam, so I was back home early againnnnnnnnnn~
With a fever…awesome or what.

It’s not a good Saturday.

(via littlemisscomplicated.tumblr)


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