2 outings that I was looking forward to were cancelled in a row; not a good way to start Sunday as well~ And after having enough sleep, my fever still continues to pester me and even 创新高 – 38°C! Zzzzz.

Stomach was growling since the previous night but I totally had no appetite for anything. Swallowing my own saliva is hard enough.

Felt like a walking zombie but I know my lassitude is only due to lack of food and other than that, I’m pretty much okayyyyy~ So not changing my mind to go for practice because I think staying at home will make me worse =/

Maybe if I had gone out in the morning, I would have recovered! Haha!
Well anyway, it wasn’t such a fruitful practice again because our group is more or less settled, so the leaders were focusing on the other group while we just waited~

Went through the formations a few times again without dance steps and we were released for dinner again -.- I wanna danceeeeeeeee!

Thank goodness we managed to dance through 2-3 times though it was rather messy~ The aunties seem to have a hard time remembering their formations and some others just cannot listen to instructions…Zzzzz.

Obviously I did not even swallow any bit of the dinner and I was definitely hungry. This is when bubble tea comes in handy!

The reason why I dislike bubble tea is because it always makes me so FULL! But now, I really need something to make me full without really having to swallow -.-“

Oh then guess what, I lost my mini bee AGAIN! Someone just shoot me please!!!

(via honeymeltz.tumblr)


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