Kitty Day~!

Fever finally gone after yet another good longgggg sleep~ But the sore throat is still killing me and stopping me from eating all the proper food! Zzzzz.

Supposed to catch a movie with Ah Lyn to help her use up her 2 free tickets, but as usual, she took foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to make up her mind!

I asked her since 5+ what movie we are watching and 2 hours later, she still couldn’t decide! She was trying to find a movie that both of us wanna watch but the thing is since it’s FREE and expiring in 3 DAYS’ time, there’s no harm picking ANY movie right?

So that’s what I told her which made her change her mind again to head down to Marina Square and anyhow pick a movie with the best time slot. Then…

And then she couldn’t make up her mind again!!!!!!!!!! *pull hair!*
The whole 3-hour conversation was just … exasperating! -____-|||

Then just when I was walking towards Marina Square, she finally decided not to watch/eat and told me to go home and rest! So I told her – Your indecisiveness is gonna kill you one day. And I’m gonna be the killer.

Seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ah!!! Zzzzz.
So eventually we did meet and I accompanied her for her Mac dinner~

Oh it’s her second Mac meal of the day by the way! Thanks to the Hello Kitty craze -.-“

Cam-whoring with her Kitty and my Kitty specs while she’s happily eating away xD

I considered for a long time before buying this specs and I do love it! But I was told that it makes people notice my dark eye circles even more D:

Obviously such a shot is not taken by me -.- I look like a duck here! Zzzzz.

And like taking unglam pictures of me is not evil enough, she started tempting me with her spicy nuggets! Tsk tsk~


Kitty with kitty specs! 😀

Oh look what Ah Lyn found!!!
It’s not the mini bee that I lost but a similar-looking one~ Now I’m scared that I will lose it again x.x

Mini bee, where are you T.T



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