SATC girls-to-be!

It’s a day of starvation because I did not pack my lunch and I did not know what I can eat either. Everyone bought lunch from the kiosk, which only serves overpriced and hard-to-swallow food =/

Then just when I was intending to head out and get some porridge, the sky turned dark! So I was basically starving all the way till around 4pm before I finally headed out for some bland porridge.

Maybe I should have not cared about my throat and ate something more appetising, because I ended up playing with the porridge~

Well anyhow, the good food came after work! (:
Kazokutei with PPGs and it’s a farewell for Xiao Qian, who is going Korea for 1 month, and a welcome for Nadine! Well, every meetup is a welcome for her actually…hehe.

Salmon baked rice!

Luckily I did not order that mini Katsu Don because I was famished and I finished up my baked rice! My appetite is back…hoho~

Oversea gifts from Nad Nad again! 😀

The pouch totally describes what I feel now luh! Broke~~~

We were talking about skincare and all of a sudden, we recalled that there is Watsons Private Sales!!! Chiong ah~~~ xD

Recommended facial products to each other and the girls ended up buying a couple of stuff! I did not really get much because the sales was not attractive enough~ (Plus I’m saving!)

Then while we were heading to the bus-stop, Nadine happened to ask if any of us has watched Men In Black 3 and none of us did. So Yinning randomly suggested watching it now and we all readily agreed!

It was already 10 plus but we were all damn on about it! Haha! Super loveeeee 爽快 people! We actually made the decision within seconds and turned back to J8!

Sadly, the movie had started for a couple of minutes and we decided to give it a miss. But I have to say that the scene of us walking back into the mall with all our shopping bags really reminds me of the girls from Sex and the City! xD

I do hope we can continue to stick together like them for another 20 or 30 years! ❤



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