The fight is on~

Sore throat is getting much better after eating durian! xD
以毒攻毒 really works okay~

So my appetite is gradually back as well and let’s see what I ate – my packed lunch (mixed rice without rice), sandwich delivered, and shu cream puff that boss bought!

That’s A LOT compared to the past few days =/
Needed more energy for training anyway! Hoho~

Was supposed to be with the old-birds team – female coach and the gossip queen~ But I rebelled and formed my own team, so someone else got sabotaged to replace me instead…oops! xD

It’s more fun to be in the other group but less serious of course. Half the time we were laughing away and I even shouted, “Hold properly lah!!!” at my partners…LOL.

4 minutes break~~~

Took over the victim that got sabotaged to replace me and switched over to our initial group. Now the real fight begins~

Actually I don’t mind partnering with the female coach. She is strict but she is teaching me most of the time, whereas gossip queen just likes to increase the combo on her own when she can’t even do it. And then she said because I’m the youngest, so I should train harder…Zzzzz.

Luckily there were only 2 rounds in total! My stomach felt like there’s a hole when I was punching -.-“



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