$1.50 lunch!

It’s my 6th Cryo-Rejuvenation Therapy by now and whenever I am asked by friends, Dr. Nic or the staff whether I see any result, I find it hard to answer, because I don’t even know if it’s psychological =/

Of course my result is not as drastic as KayKay‘s but I do see some improvement I think? I mean in the first place I was already told that there may only be 20-30% changes, so no regrets for throwing the few K in. Never try never know anyway~

Redeemed my free lunch from Quiznos using the $5 Orchard Central birthday voucher that was getting torn up in my wallet!

Well technically it wasn’t free because I topped up $1.50! But it was a good lunch because after trying Quiznos, I really feel that Subway is not niceeeee~

4-Chilli Chicken!

Training was fun because I managed to “escape” from being in female coach and gossip queen’s team again! Thanks to the arrival of 1 of the seniors, whom I am more comfortable partnering with (:

It’s annoying when Mr Lame starts crapping to the newcomers how strong I am and blah blah blah, so that they will all have their attention on me and ANTICIPATE; that’s how he tries to “motivate” me…Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Anyway, I think it’s the first time I remember all the combos! Haha!
3D mask after a hard day of work! xD

Okay this looks scary!!! LOL.

(via leilockheart.me)


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