Mini Rochester!

Had a horrible night battling with a bad headache followed by cramps! Tried to sleep at 8.30pm but kept waking up at random hours and having trouble getting back to sleep…Zzzzz.

Did a day of data entry-like stuff and I actually don’t mind such brainless job once in a while…haha~ But definitely not the kind I want for every day =/

Accompanied Yinning for dinner but met Nadine in AMK Hub first because the poor girl was changing money after receiving a last-minute notice that she gotta fly the next morning to US for 8 days!

Imagine the unpacked luggage and super early flight, yet she decided to join us at Bishan Park’s Canopy for a while ❤ But by the time the food arrived, it wasn’t a while anymore =/

Smoked Duck Pizza!

The food was pretty good and so was the ambience of the place! I was surprised to know that there is another “mini Rochester Park” so close to my house! Haha!

Poor Nad Nad rushed off to pack her stuff while Yinning and I stayed to finish up our pizza~ But appreciate her effort in wanting to spend that last bit of time with us!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Can’t wait for her to be back and we gonna crash Yinning’s office again! 😀

My breakfast for next day got squashed by my big butt D:



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