Therapeutic therapy.

9am shoot and I tried to hitch a ride from boss to save on cab fare but ended up walking around, not being able to find the taxi stand! Felt like a total noob because my colleague kept telling me something about the former Tower Records but I have no idea where’s that! D:

Even had to trouble my boss in the end to drive over to where I am instead…argh! I am the one asking for favour from others yet I always ended up troubling them! Dislike!

Shoot was okayyyy except for the morning part when the “outsiders” tried to interfere and wanna manipulate our video into their own training video. Seriously, cut the crap please.

Kinda sleepy after a long day but I was in need of some therapeutic moment!

Sinful mousse cake!!!

But so happy that they opened a Kungfu Paradise in Bugis! Don’t have to go all the way to Sembawang for my custard buns now 😀

But this is pretty therapeutic (:

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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