Naked face to town again for my appointment and I can actually save about 15-20 minutes of time each day if I don’t put on makeup! Haha! But I will have to wear shades 24/7 then =/

Appointment was supposed to be 10.30am (which is already kinda late for me) but somehow it was recorded as 10.45am in the system. And by the time my overly-popular doctor is ready, it was past 11!

Waiting and waiting~

But I like my doctor; he always seems more concerned about my condition than I am, or rather, than I appear to be, because my panda eyes are really intense D:

A few shots while waiting for the doctor…
This is the scary-looking laser machine once again~

And here is my naked face that was behind my shades! It doesn’t look thattttt bad, thanks to the lighting. But if you think this is bad enough, then it’s actually much worse in real life.

By the time I finished, it was mad late and I had no time to dabao! Resort to the kiosk food which cost me double of the mixed rice that I usually dabao =/


Egg plant, sweet & sour fish, black pepper beef omelette~

Was all ready to go for training at night since I skipped on Tuesday but decided to double-check with Mr Lame if new classes are starting this week – no reply till now. Thank goodness I asked female coach and she said it will only start next Thursday!!!

OMG. Imagine I had went all the way down for a wasted trip! And this is not the first time such thing is happening. Luckily I am paranoid enough to check!

Supposed to be a workout day but I ended up eating…tsk. But I actually don’t mind~ Hehe.


(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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