After the “xim tia” lunch yesterday, I decided to dabao today! Get to choose my own dishes and it’s only $2.30! 😀

I know luh, I sound so auntie and money-minded lately but that’s because I am saving for holiday!!! Furthermore it’s just lunch, 能省则省! Dinners or leisure activities will usually be with friends, so that’s when I spend more willingly~


No, that’s not a piece of charcoal, it’s a muffin! Teehee~

Super shiok to be eating chilled beancurd during such HOT weather! (:
And the beancurd is super soft and sleek please~ Not as soft as Lao Ban but it has more soya bean flavour as compared!

So well-fed that I think I am welcoming back the fats that I lost for the past weeks especially when I was sick! Maybe I should get sick again =/

Anyhow, boring Friday night and my brother has officially flown to Japan for a couple of weeks, which made my Friday night(s) even boring-ier! (I don’t care that there’s no such word lah! -.-“)

(via picsandquotes.com)


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