Onto the platform!

So it was finally our first practice on the floating platform! No more travelling all the way to Yew Teeeeee and back~!!! 😀

Lateeeeee again and the bus was supposed to leave at 3pm, but we ended up sitting around till about 4? Knew I am never too late luh~

Off to the platform and waiting for our turn to practise!

Which means … cam-whore time! xD


With Ah Lyn~!


With Ah Tiff~!


谁说 aunties 就不 cam-whore?! xD


❤ THE 4 OF US! ❤


With the “leader” of our row! 😀

Finally our turn to step onto the stage and we tried running in from the back like last year, then tried running from different gates in front and finally settled on the starting position!

We totally had no idea of what we are doing at first because we were only told to run from here and there, but no specific instruction at all! Initially we even thought we were rehearsing for the finale -.-“

A short break after some running and practising!

Changed and changed and changed the markers for the first formation till I lost confidence in the “Remember! This is gonna be your first formation!Zzzzzz. I didn’t even bother to write down luh, because I can foresee more changes!

Ended the practice in the evening with dinner provided but I only had 2-3 mouthfuls before I rushed off to help out for some photo shoot. Okay I did not exactly know what is it about except that it’s for some magazine in the goodie bag (I think???) and I was obviously sabotaged for it!

My awesome group leader made the decision for me when I was away from Singapore and I was just told to be in red and white attire -.- But since it’s a photo shoot (and not video) so I guess all I have to do is smile, which I don’t mind…

But my jaw dropped when I saw this group of people in red and white outfit 自high-ing away! So we were each given a prop (flag/banner/torch and etc) and we were supposed to behave like super high Singapore fans x.x

In other words, my 招牌笑容 *flash smile* wasn’t used at all. Instead, you might see some siao char boh holding a Singapore flag and getting caught in some super-unglam-screaming face!

But that is IF they even decided to use the photo; maybe they might crop me off~
I wish! T.T

Anyhow, the shoot did not last very long and the girls happened to be still waiting for me. But no outing because Ah Lyn was going off to sing K~ So off to Millenia Walk again to have my book keep me company!

Contemplated to go Coffee Club again but I was afraid that the staff would recognise me as the buay paiseh one who sat there for so long with just 1 drink! LOL. So settled for Starbucks instead!


Green Tea Frappe with soymilk! ❤

The sofa was so comfy and no annoying staff came to disturb me at all, so I stayed till it was almost closing! In fact it was already closed, just that the staff were clearing up and she said I can stay for another 30 minutes…HAHA!

Staring at the ceiling while resting my eyes (:

Off to satisfy my Jägerbomb crave!!!

Really kinda love Canopy‘s ambience and when I stare up, I can see patterns formed by the leaves above me and it’s just so relaxing! Even the lighting forms a flower in my picture! Haha!

Too bad the service was just okayyyyy because the waiter probably left the drink at the counter for a long time and by the time it was served, it’s diluted by the melted ice -.- Same for my second drink! Though it was still nice~


Lychee Mojito! 😀

Saw a pretty high girl leaving a place and thought to myself, “Oh no~ What if I leave this place in such a state too?!” LOLOL.

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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