Extra practice!

This weekend is spent mainly on NDP practices which I don’t mind at all because it definitely beats rotting at home! Furthermore it’s something that I enjoy doing (:

Headed out early to accompany Lyn because the east-sider happened to be in the north and I brought her to tour around AMK Hub a little before heading off to the platform for our extra practice!

As expected, waited and waited~


The result of impromptu hair-adjustment! -.-“


Take 2!


Forever trying to 抢镜头!

And yes! We were all in caps because it was yet another scorching HOTTTTTTTTT day! And because of the heat, this “mysterious” woman in my group was hiding under the shelter yesterday when we were all in our positions! She commented that we are crazy for doing this and she decided not to turn up for the extra practice…Zzzzzz.

I hope she doesn’t turn up anymore. What for, with such commitment? It’s just the sun, it’s not going to kill you! And seriously, no one really pointed a gun at anyone to make him/her join in the first place -.-“

Even the aunties were unhappy with her comment that we are “siao” for doing this! If aunties can cut up their old leggings to wear on their arms to protect themselves from the sun (true story!), I see better use in this woman’s mouth than just to COMPLAIN.

Yes, I know I complain ALLLLLLLL the time as well for waiting and etc, which I am going to do so now (because if not why do you see me cam-whoring below?!) But the point is no matter how much I whine and complain, once instruction is given, I listen, once music is played, I put in my best effort for the steps and formations, because I KNOW what is all these for! And it’s for the sake of the awesome show that we are all looking forward to put up!!!

So anyhow, it was supposed to be an extra practice to learn the finale steps but somehow we ended up continuing with the changes from yesterday! And in fact, we changed our positions for ALL the formations, which means we gotta remember our markers all over again!!! (Yes, I am aware that I am complaining again!)

Instructions were unclear and we were all in a mess again. Worse of all, our usual “leader” who is leading my row and whom we are all highly dependent on for all the formations and certain dance steps is absent!!! Hallelujah~

June, who was the next in line to lead was totally stressed out and she was oblivious to everything else except her beats! LOL.

Me: *dancing halfway* June! June! Out of position already!

June: *mumbling to herself* … 3, 4, 5, 6 …

Girl behind her: June! Move to your left a bit!

June: *mumbling to herself* 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 …



Spot the Singapore map!

So the already-confused aunties behind us were even more confused after the changes and I was so worried that I kept reminding them about the markers and etc! Yes, worrywart much! But sometimes the aunties can be a little bit of a headache especially when they start running around =/

Even aunties get into conflicts because Auntie A will complain about Auntie B being such a kaypoh plus gossip queen, always walking around to talk instead of staying in the position…LOL. Quite interesting, but it’s true! =X

So I had to keep shouting for everyone to get back in line, reminding the aunties about the formations and constantly checking that the people around me are not off positions. I think the idea of a mass display is not just about the dance steps like other performances, but more importantly, how each and everyone’s position can affect the entire formation in bird’s eye view.

This also explains why I am equally worried for the aunties because even if I remember my markers and steps, it cannot be a perfect formation without them doing it right as well. So after much reminder, they somehow came up with the idea that I should lead and they will just follow me –Faint!!!

Aunties, I worry but I also blur can?! :S
Especially with all the changes, my mind really went blank a few times when moving to another formation! Argh. I hope we get to practise and practise and practise!


Short break~

Went through a few rounds after the formations were finally confirmed (I hope?!) and I was totally dehydrated by then! Finished  my water all at once, which inspired me to take this photo! LOLOL.

Treated ourselves to ice-balls after that but it’s sad that our usual 5-person ice-ball outing became only 3 of us because Tiff was absent and WY went off D:

Oh we found custard buns at the Food Trail! Yes, it’s the flowy kind but the bun itself is too thick~ My filling was way lesser than Lyn’s and I felt like I was chewing on “custard flour” =/


Her over-flowing bun~

On a brighter note, the overpriced ice-ball has upsized and so Lyn and I decided to share 1, with her helping me eat all the red bean…hiak hiak~ It felt so shiok eating this after a hot sunny day!

Saved the other ice-ball for Cla but by the time he arrived “soon“, it became water-ball x.x
Should have known that his “soon” is always not that soon luh! End up Lyn and I had to squeeze it down and this unappreciative cow dung actually complained that we did not buy for him?! Tsk tsk. 人善被人欺!

1-Caramel for cake and soups and we had a hard time finishing even though it’s just 1 slice! Lyn held on to her last spoonful all the way till she finished laughing at the retarded stuff that Cla was doing -.- Obviously a very bad parody of me again! Zzzzz! Sometimes I really wanna throw my shoe at him!

Red Velvet!

Looking forward to the next practice and all the way till 9th August! Or maybe the Singapore National Games as well! 😀

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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