Bella Box!

Was feeling maddddddddd tired on Tuesday somehow that I had to dragggggg myself for training! So unmotivated to go but I already missed once last week D:

Thankfully I was grouped with people of the same standard~ Was even feeling the migraine at the start but surprisingly, it was gone after the training and I was pretty energetic after that!

Mr Lame wanted to kill me so badly for going around telling people that our classes are going to close down soon because the Thursday class has stopped…hahaha! True what~ If not why only left with Tuesday and Sunday???

Anyhow, my long-awaited Bella Box finally arrived in office today! It was actually delivered to my house on Sunday when I was having my NDP pratice! x.x

I was totally tempted after reading Vivianism’s blog about it and it’s actually my first time getting it! (It’s a monthly thing.)

Usually it is only 5 products but this month they topped up 3 more, and all the products are highly-raved about! Can’t wait to try them! 😀

The only sad thing is I got 2 Lancôme Genifique Youth Activator instead of the Lancôme Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal~ Hopefully I can do an exchange!

Favourite biscuit! (:

Was really looking forward to the first outing I have organised for the group because I have always thought that we need more bonding apart from the weekly practice. Furthermore there was some mini dispute some time ago and I was also hoping such outings can help to “peace-make” a little?

I believe everyone has friends that are always talking about meeting up but none of them actually took the initiative to organise something. So I decided to take the first step and organised a K outing, because I really don’t mind.

Of course I wasn’t expecting everyone to be enthusiastic about it but at least the 4 that I thought will be most supporting? It turned out that I either got no response (from the “supposedly” supporting ones), or responses like gotta see who is going first or you guys can go ahead without me anyway.

Yes, I was very much disappointed because it’s meant to be a bonding activity for EVERYONE and I don’t get what’s with the “It’s more for you all not me“. Which part of E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E have I misspelt? And if everyone is just going to wait and see who is going first, then who is ever going to confirm???

I really don’t get when has confirming one’s availability for an event become that difficult. Ironically, the ones that are much less closer to me are the ones giving me “face” and being appreciative. For all I know, “Good for you then!” definitely doesn’t sound encouraging at all.

Well anyway, I have no regrets organising because my objective for this outing prevails. At the end of the day, I can’t possibly force anyone to be there. But response is getting better now, so that’s enough to keep me motivated!



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