CR 1!

Woke up with a head spinning like roller-coaster~~~ It’s as though I had banged my head against the wall and my stomach felt like there’s a hole too! Baddddd hangover! I even remember waking up a few times and felt like puking! =/

Rolled on my bed a while more before I really had to get up to prepare for practice…boohoo! Managed to reach on time (which is not necessarily a good thing) and we waited for like 1 hour plus before practice finally started? Zzzzzz.

Was still suffering from the hangover but still did not escape from the claws of the imp! x.x
She was bugging Edlyn and I to take photos and demanding us to upload straight away, so we did!


All of us aiming our cameras at her! Haha!

Awwwww~ Suddenly so demure and sweet to me (she was strangling me before that!) -_____-“


The cute version! 😛


Super drama! -.-“


With Karen!

Started off with learning the finale steps before we were off to the field to practise! Everyone was dragging their feet because the sun was real hot, but that’s just wasting the others’ time. No matter what we will have to kick-start the practise what -.-“


Different cap each week! 😀


New list of formations~

Most of our time was spent waiting again because the other group had not finished going through their formations~ Thank goodness we were waiting under the shade, because we waited pretty long! =/

One thing I hate is when instructions are unclear and it’s partly due to too many people giving different instructions -.- Too many cooks spoil the broth, you know you know?

Anyhow, practised 1 or 2 rounds with the dance steps and although many were complaining about the sun, I actually felt that this is the first practice that is at least comparable with the days we practised in school! No more hiding from the sun and waste time in auditorium!

Set off for our first combined rehearsal after making full use of the time to practise~!

Back to F1 pit building after so long! (:


Dinner time~!

I think this is 1 of the dinners that I ate the most! =/
Probably because everyone was pretty much exhausted from the practice earlier on~

WY’s mummy even served us drinks! Isn’t it supposed to be the other way round?! But she’s always so cute and nice! 😀

So after we finished our dinner, we decided to go get more drinks because the Sjora drink is niceeeeee! But too bad it was finished and we queued for Mr Bean instead~

But queued halfway and … no more soya bean too!!! D:

Visited our secret washroom! Hehe!

It’s supposedly to be cleaner because not many people use it but more and more have discovered it now x.x


Karen to take over Tiff because she is absent again! Haha!


Can never get sick of cam-whoring! xD

Off to deposit our bags before heading over to the floating platform! I was actually feeling rather nervous because this is the first rehearsal that will be like our actual day! Furthermore our item is in Act 1 this time round, which is right after all the army show! =O

I was hoping for the best but there were still hiccups here and there~ We were led to the wrong line by the first auntie and ended up running a curve, resulting in us reaching our markers pretty late…

But the schoolgirls from the other group were worse because they totally ran to the wrong markers and by the time we started dancing, they were still dashing past us! =/

The mess further magnified when the mobile platform started blocking the girls’ positions during 1 of the formations, resulting in a chaos! But other than being led to the wrong line and dancing wrongly for 1 of the parts, I think my group was still okay~

Nevertheless, it did not stop me from reminding the auntie about running to the right line (in a polite manner) and I hope my little tip works for her because aunties can be quite worrisome x.x

We spent the remaining time rehearsing for the finale and 1 of the aunties can actually run from her own line to TWO lines next to her and I really don’t know how did that happen! So the naggy me reminded her again to just follow the person in front of her closely… How can get lost one ah??? I really don’t know leh @.@

But anyhow, we were all real exhausted from the round and round and round of finale rehearsals~ Again, too many instructions from different people and the person up there who can’t stop making changes really annoys me a lot with his “pratform” pronunciation!


During the longgggggg wait for the finale formation to be formed~

With the auntie that keeps running about! Haha! She stands behind Lyn and whenever she goes missing (to talk to others), Lyn will alert me and I know I gotta start searching for her =/

But overall the aunties are still kinda cute and nice luh~ Last year I was surrounded by the kids and this year by aunties/middle-aged ladies, but I still feel so loved by everyone!

I do miss having the kids screaming my name and running to hug me every time I reach, I miss that a lot in fact, but the people from my group this year are pretty nice and sweet too! Especially the 3 standing around me; had so much fun and laughter with them!

I love how hip and crazy June is despite of our age gap! And she desperately wants to match-make her son and I because she loves me a lot and etc…hahaha! Then when I did not see her for the whole finale because she got picked to dance at the front, she exclaimed, “I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!” once she saw me again! Awwwwww~!

Really love them a lot for making me feel so loved! Shall remember to take a crazy picture with them next week! xD

(via thepapercranes.tumblr)


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