Well-fed Day 1!

Okay, can see that I am having trouble catching up with my overdue posts this week! =/

25 July 2012 (Monday)
Went down to Bella Box office in Chinatown on Monday to get my Lancôme Genifique Youth Activator changed to the missing Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal and the person is so niceeee! 😀

Rushed back to AMK to meet Clique for The Dictator and I did not really know what show is it initially, it was more of for meeting up and killing time~

I was even asking TCC if it is a war film, but it turned out to be a “siao he(crazy show)!!! But I really had a good laugh especially at the part when they wittily inserted the song – A Moment Like This! Totally LMAO!!!

Such movie doesn’t need a very strong storyline but yet the nonsense in the show is enough to make up for it! But I think the guys (especially Shrine) definitely like it more than the girls somehow! Haha!

26 July 2012 (Tuesday)
Have been dabao-ing lunch to office because we seldom go out for lunch nowadays~ But this is a rare day that I did not bring anything and boss decided to drive us out for lunch!

And it’s company lunch again! xD
Went to the Chinese restaurant where we had nice dim sum when Kei came over to visit last year! Hehe!


Chilled century egg with beancurd, fried prawn dumpling & peking duck rolls!


Siew mai & 大龙包!


And in case you have spotted the orange buns…

Yes, I ordered custard buns as well! 😀

It’s the flowy kind and it’s nice! But the filling is still not as much as Swee Choon or Kungfu Paradise~

I think it’s everyone else’s first time eating custard bun and I don’t know if they liked it or not. Reiko looked quite skeptical about it and she kept hers till the last and even brought it back to office!

But after she finally tried it, she loves it and was surprised by the taste of it! 😀 So I started sharing with her my expertise on custard buns…hahahahaha!

Had a real FULL lunch but I was still blessed with a delivery while I was out for lunch!

Portobello Mushroom Burger!!!!!!!!!! Awwww~ Mushroommmmmm
Too bad I was too bloated to eat, so saved it for brunch the next day! Hehe!

Off for training and I partnered with the same people as last week! But I guess I had more energy compared to last week (:

Check out the kicks of our “monitress“! We named her that because she talks a lot and is always being our time-keeper, rushing Mr Lame to hurry up! Haha!

(via yanilavigne.net)


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