Well-fed Day 2!

Woke up early for morning shoot again~~~ But at least this time round it’s for our own video and I started the day off with a hearty breakfast 😀

Enjoying the Portobello Mushroom Burger that I heated up and it is still juicy and niceeeee! (Eating in the kitchen because I refuse to share table with people that will spoil my appetite.)

Toured around the different institutions but the morning crowd was not as good as we had expected~ Went off for lunch and it was yet another well-fed day because boss brought us to another Chinese restaurant for herbal chicken this time round!

It is located at International Plaza and it seems like a popular place~

Unfortunately, I was still feeling full from the burger and was intending to skip lunch =/
But everyone kept insisting that I should at least try a bit of the food and I was bloated once again!


Herbal chicken wrapped in cabbage~


Pork ribs~

So many dishes and I was asked to help to clear as well x.x
But the food were pretty good!


Serving the chicken~

I don’t know why some people like to feel super full, cause it feels so gao wei for me!

Anyhow, was intending to catch First Time but I spotted this ad on GV website that they are re-showing some movies at $5 and 1 of them is The Lucky One!!!

Omggggggggggg. I remember I was quite disappointed when I missed it because it’s from Nicholas Sparks’ book again and I had enjoyed The Notebook as well as Dear John!

Was in a dilemma of which movie to choose because First Time is also ending x.x
But decided on The Lucky One eventually because the reviews seem better and can save moolah too! Whahaha~

It turned out that it was quite a disappointment as compared to The Notebook (not even comparable) or Dear John. The buildup was not strong enough and hence the storyline just didn’t seem strong enough to wow me.

Furthermore, I think the female lead did a pretty bad job in acting and the way she reminisces about her brother just did not convince me to feel her internal struggle. Her expression changes so fast that it feels so fake too! =/

Perhaps the book will be better; it’s usually the case (except for The Notebook). I think they eliminated too many parts from the book that makes the movie seem “choppy” now…hmmmm.

Anyhow, off to the “dog place” for late dinner and the place feels quite unique~

More mushroomsssss! 😀

And Jägerbomb! Ahhhhhhhh!!! ❤

Few days ago while walking home with Chii Hian, she asked me about my plans for the future and etc. Honestly, that’s 1 of the questions that I hate the most =/

You may say I am trying to avoid thinking about it or someone who is aimless, but I just feel that it is not as important as doing what I really enjoy now. I love my life as it is now fulfilling my passion and I have never regretted a day.

I remember I once blogged that I wanna be like Won Bin in the movie – The Man From Nowhere, living life only for today. But I guess a part of me has always been this way…

You can say that I am pessimistic for thinking that I may just die tomorrow, but nobody knows and if that really happens, at least I can say that I died with no regrets. Can you? I don’t need anyone to be proud of my life but at least just happy for me that I am happy.

Or you can say that I am over-optimistic, thinking that the future will work out on its own eventually. Well everyone is entitled to their way of thinking and it may seem that I am real naive or simple-minded (I don’t deny that), or that it’s a joke how I overrate happiness, but all I really want is just to be happy.

Happy doing what I want, happy with the people around me, happy helping the others, happy in my comfort zone, happy with how things have been. I know the society may not be able to tolerate this and I may not be able to catch up with the others, but I really don’t wanna spend my life running a rat race and die with regrets for the things I haven’t done.

It is not as though I do not care about my future at all and that I spend every penny that I earn; I do but just probably not as far as many of you because I actually dislike planning. Unexpected things always happen and screw the “plans” up – Murphy’s Law.

I do save and engage in small investment; I have a saving plan with my Sis and it’s not that I really don’t give a damn about my future at all, it’s just that I care more about the present.

Choosing between taking up driving lessons and furthering my studies is just a small dilemma that I happened to voice out. It’s not that I am indecisive about my own life but more of there are other factors/people affecting my decision.

Maybe I overrate empathy as well but I just feel that I am born in this world to help others. Really not trying to sound oh-so-benevolent at all, but even wanting to learn driving is purely because one day if I need this skill to help someone (e.g. drive a drunk friend home or someone to the hospital), I can do so, and not because I am really dying to drive or something. Honestly, I prefer to be chauffeured around.

Well anyway, I did give it a serious thought after the night and have drawn out a short-term plan; not anything ambitious but at least something safe and achievable. We shall just see then.

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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