1 hour 8 minutes.

Appointment time~!

Dr. Nic and the assistant both said that my panda eyes have improved by a lot and I do see more difference after the previous session. But I am only left with 1 more session now and the contrast between my eye rings and skin tone is still quite bigggg x.x

Why only got better towards the last few sessions! Now I don’t know if I should continue in hope that it can further lighten, or just resign to fate and let it be~ Sigh!

Did not have time to get lunch so I survived on biscuits for the day =/
Had too much good food for the past 2 days anyway. Plus the air-con in office broke down and it was just too warm to eat anything!

Stayed in office alone till pretty late since it’s my last working day for the week~
On leave the next day…hoho!

Wala Wala~

Cranberry vodka!

Thank goodness nothing went wrong drinking on an empty stomach!

(via yanilavigne.net)

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