The most time-wasting practice ever!

Had cup noodle the previous day and then cup porridge on this day! =/
But at least it comes with har gao and Japanese seaweed seasoning as well…hehe.

Lao Ban for dinner before rushing off to the floating platform for extra practice!

By the time I reached, everyone had finished their dinner and was gathering together. But it turned out that we were just gathering to WAIT at the seating gallery!


First night “practice”~

None of us know what we were waiting for and there were no instructions given at all. Everyone started to complain because we all rushed down after work and from school for this and yet we were still waiting after 1 hour?!

Just when we thought the practice is finally commencing when we were asked to standby at our respective gates, they started training the core dancers instead! So we waited for another 30 minutes plus before we even stepped onto the float!

By then it was already 8.34pm, 1 hour and 34 minutes AFTER the supposed start time and 26 minutes BEFORE the supposed end time! How ridiculous?! I can’t believe I missed my training and rushed down for this crap!

And then after running through 1 round, we were left to wait again while they train the core dancers and others! If the practice is not exactly for us, then why bother asking for us to be present??? In the first place I wonder how you can have a MASS display performance if you just keep focusing on the core dancers!


While waiting.

I was real pissed because it really doesn’t seem like we are being appreciated at all and after waiting for so long, there was no apology but instead I heard a voice shouting down from above, “The rest of you STAY!!!

We could have left if we want to because the practice was only supposed to be until 9PM and having wasted 1 hour 34 minutes is none of our fucking business! I really wanted to walk off and I really would because one thing I hate most is being unappreciated, the other is waiting, and now it’s a combination of both!

If it’s not for my ties with the group leader and trainer, I would rather be eating ice-cream at Marina Square than to wait and WAIT and WAIT my life off! I was just so pissed that everyone kept asking me to chill and the aunties who usually see me laughing away are seeing the ugly side of me using crude (but non-vulgar) language!

Totally not in the mood to dance anymore when we ran through another 2 rounds! I usually put in my best but this time round, I lost ALL of energy and morale while waiting (let alone missing dinner)! ARGHHHHHHH! Sooooooooo annoyed!!! And no apology at the end of the day as well! Seriously.


Totally needed this to cool me down!


Magnum Temptation! Are you tempted now?

(via starsandstitches.tumblr)


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