Exploring Science Park!

Did not have a good sleep before I gotta wake up for my last laser treatment! @.@
Somehow the discussion the previous night just kept running through my mind! Overworked mind I guess~

It turned out that it wasn’t the last because there was something wrong with the machine which sent out a few high frequency shocks, causing a little redness at my eye area. So Dr. Nic gave me 1 more free session next week just to make sure that everything is okay! 😀

Managed to make it in time for the $3 Big Breakfast promo! Hehe!

Checked out another outlet of the “dog place” and although it was quite empty, the place is better than the other one!

I thought I can only find such unique design of restaurants in Korea~


Back to Korea? xD

Was in need of veggie because I had been veggie-deprived for the past few days!


Veggie sandwich that is~!

It may sounds unappetising (like how healthy food usually does), but it turned out to be quite nice with the eggplant and salsa sauce! Though the Portobello Mushroom Burger is still the best!!!

Could hardly finish my set especially the fries yet the dessert looks so tempting! xD


Molten Chocolate Cake!

But it looks kinda different from the picture in the menu; the plate, the chocolate syrup at the side, and the extra peaches?!

This is the first time I see chocolate cake being served with peaches and I was suspecting that they either ran out of strawberries or they had leftover peaches! LOL! But guess what, I would really have regretted if I did not order it!

It was SO NICEEEEEEEEEE that I am still thinking about it right now! Haha! The chocolate couldn’t stop flowing and it’s just omgggggggggggggggggggggggg! One word – orgasmic! ❤

Explored Science Park while letting the food digest after such a full dinner~!


My building! xD

(via yanilavigne.net)


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