Reiko's birthday @ Dempsey~!

So Thursday was a mad rush day trying to get last-minute present for colleague and also the cake! The present hunt did not take too long but I ended up spending a great amount of time in ION‘s Body Shop!

So much miscommunication from the PRC staff (who was struggling to speak English to me) and I ended up having to choose the present all over again! Then she started bitching to her PRC colleague about me taking so long to decide, thinking I don’t understand Mandarin -.- I just kept speaking in English on purpose to annoy you, can?

Seriously, shops should stop employing PRC staff who can’t even speak proper English! So much miscommunication and time wasted! Poor service some more! At least the Pinoys’ service are so much better…Zzzzzz.

Was planning to get cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes but I did not make it in time D:
So changed plan to customised brownie!

Sadly, it was destroyed minutes later despite the super careful handling! The chocolate had not hardened and it hit the edge of the box in the flimsy plastic bag, so Reiko’s name became RELO! T.T


Before salvage

Was so sad about it that I woke up worrying about it, thinking how can I salvage it and etc. The best way is of course to bring back and get the nice staff to help me touch up, but the shop doesn’t seem to open until noon! –CRY!

So the only solution – D.I.Y! Went down to get chocolate and started salvaging on my own! Doesn’t look too bad except for the melted part at the bottom which I needed white chocolate to cover up!


After salvage

But in the end I managed to touch up a littleeeee~ Photo is below! 😀

Boss hinted about going out for lunch on the pretext that he is sick of the kiosk food and so we headed to Dempsey for lunch!

Drove one round and settled for California~

We all love the place once we stepped in! It has a rustic feel~!


The live band area~

Oh the restaurant is together with Ben & Jerry’s actually! (:

Wilson’s attempt to take an artistic shot, which turned out like some CSI tragic case…LOL.

But that’s not stopping him from taking more for sure~



I wanted to have apple juice but since everyone was having something alcoholic, I opted for white wine too =/


LOL at Wilson’s face!


Taking “artistic” shots of my food xD


Chicken Burrito!

I was sooooooo full after eating 1 of the burritos but luckily I have a binger-colleague who gladly took half of my other burrito and my chips! It’s nice though, because there is mushroom in it! Hehe!

Was finding a chance to prepare the cake which I brought along and finally the chance came when the birthday girl went to choose her ice-cream dessert! I was hiding at a corner near to the washroom when boss happened to come by and I told him I am preparing the cake… Who knows he went back to the table to hint the birthday girl not to order ice-cream anymore! T.T

Then when I had successfully passed the cake to the staff and went back to the table…

Boss: I was just telling them since you had brought in the cake, why not we order some hot drinks?

Me: *Speechless and thinking, “Men and surprises…” -shake head- *

And then the next moment, the staff was trying so hard to light the candle that the birthday girl had to pretend she did not hear the constant clicking of the lighter behind! T.T

Then finally~

At least the customised design surprised her a little (:

With the cake and a weird birthday “e-Card” drawn by Wilson!


The 3 of us~!


I wish…


After much indecisiveness of where to cut…


With Wilson and my humble gift~


Presenting my humble gift 😀

It’s actually a set of Japanese Cherry Blossom products! Hehe.

Decided to go down for training to make up for Tuesday (thanks to the time-wasting practice) despite it being a Friday night~ It’s so sad seeing Orchard MRT station so crowded and yet I had to drag myself down for training D:

The worst thing is after dragging myself down, all I see was a dark training ground with closed gate!!!!!!!! ARGH! Déjà vu much! Messaged Mr Lame immediately for the wrong info of schedule posted in Facebook and he was so apologetic about it that the stingy him actually offered a dinner treat -.-“

I want my Friday night back more!!!! Zzzzzz. And now I have 2 classes to make up for! Argh!!!
Went down to Shimin’s house to collect my costume instead and had a good chat with Auntie Khiew again~ Always so much to talk about!



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