CR 3!

Had plenty of time to clean my room and even washed my fan because I was already prepared not to reach in time for practice…lalala~ Really don’t see why I should when they couldn’t dismiss us on time -.-“

I even wrote in the attendance book about the 1-hour late dismissal when I was told to write my late arrival time as usual~ I mean it’s only fair that late OUT time should be recorded if they want us to record late IN time right?

Oh in the end despite being 1 hour late along with Tiff and Lyn, everyone was still changing costume sizes -.- Tried to change my shoe size and this auntie kept trying to psycho me to give her my shoes when there is no more of the size I want…Zzzzz.

Learned the revised steps after considering the prop; changes changes changes again! Arghhhhh…shouldn’t the prop be taken into  consideration from the start??? I FINALLY remembered all the steps well you know?! Now it’s like back to square one…sigh!


Thank you card from SAF~


Buy 1 get 1 free tank top! Haha!

Was in a dilemma whether to wear our costumes or not since some people’s are still in the midst of alteration, so not everyone will be wearing the costume~ After much surveying, we finally changed into ours!



And the “bridesmaid” is actually wearing the same dress as the bride! LOL. Just that she has a super-mismatched bag and shoes (I cropped mine off)…ROFL.

Photo-taking time~! 😀


With anyhow-run-about auntie!


With Chanel! She’s so pretty without specs!


With Ah Lyn!

It was quite insane running through 1 round on the field in our costumes! Sweated like crazy and the costume attracts weird bugssssss! So feel like stripping off right after…omgggggggg.

Setting off to F1 pit building~!


This auntie was probably going to plant some flowers xD


流沙暴 from Ah Lyn as dinner~!


And it really 暴 (explodes)!

Brought home the unhealthy KFC dinner to feed the pig again~


Waiting for Combined Rehearsal 3!

Unfortunately, it started raining while we were having dinner and we started contemplating if we should still risk our costumes! I think it’s the first time that it rained during our performance day~

Again, after much surveying and contemplation, we decided to change back to our tees =/
And just when we were out, we heard instructions that everyone must change to their costumes!

But since there would still be some that are not wearing (e.g. June) because their costumes are not ready, we decided to pretend that we are part of them. Imagine our costumes being soaked in rain water…ewwwwww!

However, due to miscommunication, WY went to change back to her costume!

WY: *back in costume and shocked to see us in tees* I thought need to change back?!

Lyn: No ah… I kept calling you to ask you not to change, but couldn’t reach you!

WY: Then when I asked if you are done (over the cubicle), why did you answer yah???

Lyn: *blur* I wasn’t in the toilet!

Me: She had always been here with us =O

WY: Huh?! Then who was the one who answered me?!?!



All the brides heading to floating platform!


While we are in our blue tees…hehe.

Was telling June that she looks like a pineapple with the flower bouquet (our prop) on her head! LOL.

It was a gao wei rehearsal even though it had stopped raining by the time it was our turn to perform. My shoes were all wet and the rain water made the platform smell~ Felt so sorry for the poor audiences out there in ponchos!

Furthermore it was a little messy towards the end where most changes were made; forgot some steps and so on. As a result, it wasn’t a perfect performance D:

Left to prepare for the finale right after our performance, because this is gonna be the first week that I’m dancing in front of the seating gallery! Thank goodness at least I have my future mother-in-law aka June with me…haha! She had already went round telling others that she has booked me for her son! LOL.

Spotted this mad cute girl at the back and she became like superstar when we all vied to take picture with her! Hahaha! She’s so tiny and cuteeeeeeeee~! We look like giants beside her!

Had to walk down the seating gallery all the way from the top and by right I think we were supposed to wave to the audience beside us as we walk down, but the ground was so slippery that we were more afraid that we would fall and roll down the stairs right beside them! ROFL.

It turned out to be quite okay dancing in front (:
More honourable, but also more stressful of course because it becomes more noticeable if you do the wrong move, which I almost did because I was following June who is in front of me!

I almost LOL when she was the only one with her hand up! But she was not so embarrassed about it; she said people will notice you more this way…hahahahaha!!!

Kidnapped the cute little ones for photos again after the finale! xD

Sooooo cute that I really wanna carry them and just run off! Haha!

Back to join the rest on the floating platform and the cute couple was fooling around with the hand prop!


Look at how happy Karen is! xD


The one that is constantly posing…LOL.

All the photographers were busy taking photos of everyone in their pretty costumes and nobody wanna take photo of us the plain Janes! Boohoo~ So we decided to take on our own! LOL.

Blue tees united! 😀

And they decided to copy my signature cross-legs pose! xD

So looking forward to next week’s rehearsal and I hope it doesn’t rain again!!! I wanna be in my costume and take tonnes of pictures! Felt a bit awkward dancing in front during finale without costume..hehe. But at least our costumes weren’t dirtied~

Was given another opportunity for exposure and this time round it’s the 3-day media briefing, which involves Mediacorp coming down to shoot and airing on the news~ But too bad I have a shoot on 1 of the days, so I had to give it a miss.

A little disappointed because as much as I feel stressful whenever I am being chosen for such things, I also like to experience new things and didn’t mind giving it a try. Opportunity doesn’t come by easily after all…

But on a brighter note, at least I am not involved in more “competitions“. The finale “arrow” already made me rather 难做人 (but at least I finally found out who sabotaged me -.-), so I can foresee this media briefing making things worse or creating yet another tension =/


(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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