*Blink blink!*

Ahhhhhhhh~~~ 1 week of overdue entries to catch up with!!! This is really kinda record-breaking, not counting when I was away for holiday luh =/

Monday 9 July 2012

Honestly, I can’t recall what happened…haha! But rushed down to Bishan for eyelash perming appointment after work and despite it being a neighbourhood kind of beauty salon, it’s indeed damn popular!

It was pretty crowded when I reached and this lady before me was told that she has to wait about 1 hour! Luckily that was for eyebrow embroidery and I only waited for about 5 minutes for my turn…hehe!

Whole process took close to an hour and being quite skeptical about not-so-established neighbourhood salons, I was quite worried about the result! Plus the room was so colddddddd and I had to wait quite a while for each step x.x

But in the end, everything turned out great! Loving my lashes and I’m so glad that my Sis introduced this cheap and good place to me, which only cost half of the one I almost went! But still 心痛~ Why 女人的钱这么好赚!T.T


New found love – Spinach & Ham bread!


Finally redeemed my mum’s complimentary cake! (:

The attempt to sleep early for the sake of morning shoot the next day failed badly; had a hard time falling asleep! In the blink of an eye, it was a brand new day again…yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Proud that I woke up early enough to prepare and take public transport down for shoot! 😀 But had a hard time finding the right tower and I think I asked a real stupid question…

Me: May I know where is Tower 5?

Man: Oh this is Tower 5 *points*

Me: Then how can I get to the 21st storey?

Man: *with a concerned face* Erm…. You can take the lift…….. You can walk straight and turn right to see the lift…

Of course I know I have to take the lift! I basically phrased it wrongly and made myself sound like a retard!


How-to-smell-your-armpit video?


Spongy bee with wings below instead xD

Break for an early lunch and we settled in this Korean restaurant. I thought I would end up going to the coffeeshop on my own to eat, but luckily the Korean place is quite cheap, so I didn’t mind~


Beef kimchi ramen~!

Sleepyyyyyyyy but was still looking forward for training because I am missing it after 2 weeks! Mr Lame was apparently feeling guilty over last week’s incident that he automatically placed 2 drinks with my bag during conditioning training -.-“


Break time~


After first combo~

2 long combos despite it being 2-man team! Good workout though (:
Ending the night with a new Martini that I concocted~


Soursop Martini!

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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