Wednesday 11 July 2012

Went for the very last laser appointment and I’m gonna miss Dr. Nicholas now D:
He has been so niceeeeee and the staff as well! Most importantly, they are definitely not the hard-selling or pushy kind, so definitely recommend it for those with skin problem or other beauty concerns~

As for my own laser treatment, I did thought of doing a review from my first session all the way till the end. But I think my dark eye circles are still quite bad (though better than before) so I decided not to show…haha!

$2 Yoshinoya chicken porridge for lunch! Super worth it because it’s “branded” yet it’s cheaper than my coffeeshop food…HAHAHA! More importantly, it smells really good and so is the taste! 😀

Had discussion in office till pretty late before rushing off~ Got tricked to Paul Frank sales but I’m glad that I was determined enough not to look at the clothes because I personally don’t believe in paying so much for a T-shirt! Tees should be no more than $12, period.

Went to another no-brand shop and over there, you can get like 2-3 tops using the amount of ONE Paul Frank tee! I prefer that! Hehe! Got a pair of shorts and it’s not veryyyyyyy cheap, but still acceptable price and I like it! Now love (:

Spotted some yam pau which is supposed to have flowy filling like those custard buns and immediately went for it!

But no flow D:
Just that the yam filling is more fragrant than the usual…安慰自己~

Thursday 12 July 2012

Took a couple of hours to eat my lunch and did not manage to finish it even though it’s just 2 dishes – mushroom and spinach. I don’t know if the problem lies on my appetite or the spinach is just too bland =/

Another late night in office helping boss with the player’s configuration. As a result, I failed to get Twelve Cupcakes again! I actually managed to reach in time, but the lady before me bought all the remaining 6 cupcakes, leaving none for me –CRY!

Anyhow, I can’t imagine anyone would be so interested in my life to have read the entire of my archives! Mixed feelings~ Touched but at the same time, the thought of anyone seeing photos of me all the way from 2006 just makes me feel …


But this does sound like what I will say =/
(via thepapercranes.tumblr)


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