NE 1!

So excited for this day to come because it’s first week of NE show, which is like our first official performance!!!

Watched our last week’s performance and it’s our first time seeing our own performance and formations! Once again, I had this indescribable feeling in me. Something along the line of touched… Touched to see everyone’s effort put together (((:

The trainers went through all the steps with us again and I am a bit clearer of them now, though still not confident of remembering all the changed steps of different ethnic groups x.x

Released to start preparing for departure and everyone was so busy with makeup, putting on fake eyelashes and doing their hair~ I basically look quite the same as usual except for a thin coat of mascara! Hehe.

Me: I feel so “under-dressed”…

Lyn: If you are under-dressed, then what am I?

Me: You are naked.

Because her face is indeed naked with not a bit of makeup at all! Haha!
Changed into our costumes and left for F1 pit building~!

Eating my longans in the bus! xD

Thank goodness I didn’t look too tired despite having only less than 6 hours of sleep =/

Collected our hand props and usually it would be dinner distribution once we reach, but either we were early or the dinner was late~ Took the chance to take photos!!! Hehe!

Cla dropped by for some 四朵金花 and the 牛粪 shots as promised! This time round we are really 金花 😀

Individual shots according to age, starting with the youngest!


With 小小花 aka siao siao 花!


With 小花 aka 笑话!

Supposedly it was my turn next but Mr. Trainer got too popular amongst the aunties that everyone started snatching to take photos with him!

I look like I am patiently waiting for my turn~ Hahaha!

Ogay! Finally my turn!


With 中花 !


And lastly, with 大花!

Collage! Literally black-face trainer -____-|||


With June~! 笑得几开心 xD


With my future mother-in-law! Hahaha!

And this is shot of the day year!!! Super love this shot because the composition is just so perfect and the dresses land so well together!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


With the 2 girls – Chanel & Huien! 😀

And one last shot with Cla before he leaves to the platform!


Finally dinner time~!

We were not even done with dinner and the army guys were already asking us to gather =/
Mad rush to the washroom for last minute touch up and etc!

Had a hard time with my headdress that I spent the whole journey from F1 pit building to the platform adjusting it! Sweaty forehead = holes in fringe!!! Luckily I had Lyn to help me adjust and everything is finally good after the 2961497th adjustment!

Ahhhhh~ Kanna caught by Miss 一张 again!

Almost couldn’t recognise the little imp!

Was a little nervous for the show because it’s after all our first time dancing in full costume together with our hand props! It’s very much different because now you are no longer dancing with free hands~ But everything still went quite well although some of them forgot a certain step! =/

Off with June and gang for the finale right after and I felt kinda excited as it is gonna be my first time walking down the flight of stairs in my costume! No longer a plain Jane~ In fact as I was walking down, I suddenly felt like a bride! Hahaha!

Cameras snapping at you, people waving to you and cute little Primary 5 kids waiting to high-five with you! Haha! It was indeed an honourable moment for me and I feel sooooo happy and touched seeing so many people watching us perform! ((((:

Then during pledge taking, this cameraman suddenly decided to put the focus on me (even though I’m in the third row) and he continued to shoot me singing the national anthem! I managed to look serious enough until I suddenly felt this sudden itch in my throat and I wanted to cough SO BADLY!!!!!!!!! Omgggggggggggg!!!

But I had no choice except to endure and continue to look calm while singing! Luckily he finally left halfway through the anthem and I coughed immediately! Omg! What a wrong timing! But it was really itching soooooooooo badly!!!

Well anyway, together with all the others that are dancing in front for finale! (:

Then back to join the rest on the platform again! 😀

Spammed pictures again of course! Hehe!


Candid camera~


Solo shot in full-dress!


My Eurasian prince! Haha!

Last but not least, with my crappy group leader and his signature horse smile! LOL.

Limped my way back to the F1 pit building because the shoes were hurting me like crazy! 4 blisters and I only managed to get 3 plasters! Luckily I had June to walk with me and sharing about her sex life again -___- But I really loveeeeee how open and active (not talking about sexually) she is! I-D-O-L!

Had a really happy day until I read something really upsetting! Last week I was just saying that I suddenly feel like I am in some 演艺圈 and I can feel it even more now. But I think in 演艺圈 such things happen between competitors, not friends.

To me, a friend will feel happy for you, not jealous. Maybe some will, but at least let it be a secret and not to the extent of tweeting insensitive stuff when you know the person is obviously following you and reading your tweets!

Yes, I admit that I am lucky to be chosen for the finale, real lucky, pure luck. When I was first told about it, everyone who witnessed it could tell how reluctant I was because I know I am not up to standard for that. It’s pure luck, like I said.

But June and the rest were really supportive, and I also had not choice but to just brace up and go for it. I admit that I love it after last week and feel really honoured, not because I have extra cameras shooting at me (there weren’t any last week) but because I have a clearer view of the audience now and it makes me feel really proud to be a performer! My dream is to be a performer, not a star.

I may be close to the group leader(s) and trainers, but that’s not the reason why I was chosen because they weren’t even the ones who chose me! And neither did I get close to them on purpose to get benefits like that! If I am really dying to get into good books, I wouldn’t have been late almost every time. If I am so dying to be on cameras and be the limelight, I wouldn’t have not bothered about putting extra makeup and doing my hair.

Getting jealous and making complaints about not being chosen despite having 8 years of experience doesn’t make you a better performer. And having just 2 years doesn’t make me any less passionate than you are.

This is a performance, not a competition. I see you as a friend, but what am I to you? A threat? Disappointed much.

(via thepapercranes.tumblr)


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