Record breaking!

Finally back on track with my entries! Haha! Spent my entire Sunday just to clear all the overdue entriessssss =/

Broke the record on Monday and stayed in office till 9pm! Latest so far~
Went through video after video and the next is convert them one by one…Zzzzz.

A visit from a special guest on Tuesday! 😀

Was reading through some of my blog archives because I realised other than the obiang photos since 2006, there are even more embarrassing things like … crazy studio dance with Gek Peng!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought our O School performance was bad enough…gawddddddd.

And then I chanced upon our forfeit videos as well! Why does anyone have to remind me of that –CRY!– It’s one of those crazy moments~ But on a brighter note, they are good memories luhhhhhh *自我安慰* T.T

Supposed to have extra NDP practice but I decided not to be foolish and skip my training for it again! So dragged myself down for training despite being sooooo sleepyyyyyyyy~ The rainy weather made it worse @.@

Sleepy me = no energy = not a good training~ But still have energy for cam-whoring! xD
With the noisy “monitress“! She kept saying how can anyone still bother about looking glam during training and can take pictures some more…hahaha!

Then her noisy sister-in-law joined in! Hehe!

The lame coach “blocking” from the camera -.-“

Looking forward to the weekend already!!!!!!! 😀



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