Ice Age 4!

There are days when I am real busy, there are days when I am real free~ This day is the day when I am quiteeeeee free because I have completed 2 clips during the past few busy days!

Morning appointment in town again; not for the eyes but IPLhehe. Managed to get the $2 Yoshinoya porridge in time! It’s really damn 香~! 😀

Off to Vivocity after work for the movie date that Lyn booked me weeksssss ago~ But unfortunately, the poor girl was sick and she got Cla to replace her.

It was actually some Sentosa movie event which she bought the tickets for some time ago, but it’s free seating and luckily we had Joan and Tiff there early to chope seats for us! Hehe.

I actually watched Ice Age 3 for at least 5 times by now and still love it! It still makes me laugh, especially the vegetable pun xD

But in my opinion, I think Ice Age 4 is less funny as compared…hmmmm. But I definitely love their puns and this time round it’s … Holy Crab~! LOL.

Back home and was on my way to shower when I spotted a black spot on the wall. I couldn’t see what is it in the dark but I definitely know my house wall doesn’t have a patch there =/

Switched on the light and my intuition was right! It’s a cockroach!!! Ran to grab the pesticide and newspaper as though I was all ready to fight the war, but in the end … I rushed into my brother’s room to wake him up to kill it…oops.

What to do without him~ Hehe.

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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