Finally in time!

Had been craving for my spinach bread all night longgggg and I finally got it in the morning! 😀 It really reminds me of the spinach dip in Applebee’s and it’s a good substitute I would say!

Out for lunch and then dessert after that! =O

Couldn’t finish my super soft beancurd pudding~

Finally got my NDP tickets and even managed to get 1 more from a kind soul who gave 1 of hers to me! Hehe! I needed 3 badly because the group that I really wanna invite consists of 3 persons, but sadly, 1 of them cannot make it in the end, so I gave them to the next-in-priority group x.x

But still looking forward to see them this Saturday!!! 😀
Met Lyn to pass her her tickets as well as Honey Lemon drink and Twelve Cupcakes~! Finally made it in time to get even though they only had 1 flavour left…

Ice-creammmmmmm on a rainy day~



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