NE 2!

The rare morning when my brother called and bought brunch back for me! What a good way to start the day with 爱心餐! ❤

Looking forward to every Saturday because I get to see all my lovely NDP mates! I look forward even more this week (and I bet everyone else too) because our friends and families are coming to watch us perform! 😀

Managed to reach pretty early (at least just 15 minutes late?) and like last week, everyone was busy doing their makeup and hair~ One week more exaggerated than the other =/

Felt kinda “underdressed” again and quite zoh boh (nothing to do), since I still look pretty much the same as every week! Haha! Attempted to do something about my hair but everyone concluded that I look better with my hair down…so yea.


Panda biscuits from our crappy leader!

Finally started our indoor practice for 2 rounds before heading to the field for another 2 rounds~ I finally couldn’t stand it anymore and rebuked the “mysterious” woman for not standing at her starting position again just because she is hiding from the sun!

Anyhow-run auntie: *jokingly* Ehhh…you stand in front of me one~ Still hiding from the sun here ah! Haha!

“Mysterious” women: Let me stand here first… I run very fast one lah…

Me: If you all don’t stand in your own positions then how are we going to stand in ours???

Anyhow-run auntie: Yah lor yah lor!

“Mysterious” women: *boh wei gong*

Seriouslyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Home is the best place to hide from the sun lah okay? -.-“
Left to continue with our preparations and because Lyn and I had nothing to do again, I forced her to be my Barbie doll! LOL.

The trial result! Not bad rightttttt! So much cuter than her broom hair =X

So I spent much time and effort re-tying them; from PA all the way till F1 pit building! Her hair is sooooooooo difficult to tie due to the many many many layers! But finally! Ta-duh~! xD

Everyone commented that it’s cuteeeeeeeee because she has the face for such cute hairstyles in the first place! If she is really my sister, I wouldn’t let her look like how she is now lor -.- You see! Even shadow also so cute! LOL.

We were more clever this time, changing into our costumes only when we reached F1. You won’t know how warm it is to be in that costume! But everything was also a bit more rush and we didn’t have much time to take photos as a result~

Super oily dinner – KFC chicken and Zinger burger! My brother is the delighted one -.-“

The planes have set off! A sign that it’s our turn to set off soon! (:


Off we go, flower girls!

So satisfied with my Barbie doll product! Hahaha! She was soooooo reluctant at first that when I ran out of rubber bands, she got so happy! But after the show, she made me keep the rubber bands so that I can tie for her again next week xD

And again, she took 38948327598 attempts to help me with my headdress! Even Tiff joined in to help because it’s just so difficult to keep my hair neat and fringe in position when I have the headdress on! T.T


The 38948327598th attempt. Finally!

June was even saying, “I wonder how you are going to do without these 2 good friends! Always helping you and treating you like a princess!” Haha! I have to agree that I really appreciate them for always bring ready to lend me a hand! ❤


Can cam-whore now! xD


With Auntie Dorris!


Crappy leader crapping away again~

And this girl is forever doing such unglam things of digging into her berms inside the dress! Such a cute hairstyle but such un-cute actions -____-|||

Not the best performance because I was quite distracted with thoughts and even forgot 1 of the steps, hence shouting the wrong command! Luckily it wasn’t loud enough for everyone to hear x.x

Same for finale because I’m not quite familiar with the steps in the first place, so I kept following this girl who is quite unsure as well. And probably also because I was also wondering where are my girls sitting at and so on~

Had a hard time trying to find them because my phone was not with me. And in order to find my phone, I had to find Lyn first but I didn’t know where she is! Only managed to find Cla, who was helping me keep my Polaroid camera and then I finally found Lyn, which means I managed to find my phone to contact the girls! Phew~

Primary school ❤ and Poly ❤ who is also Xiao Qian’s Secondary school ❤! xD
They even tried to dedicate a message to me on the live SMS board behind but the message did not go through! Awww!



With Joan, who came down to support Lyn!

And of course Lyn’s petite mum! (I was bending down! xD)


The 4 of us with Joan and Lyn’s mum! (:

Wanted to take a Polaroid shot of  四朵金花 and the 牛粪 like last year but WY disappeared within split second…sigh. Things just ain’t very much the same anymore.


The Mei and the Kor~

Everyone was leaving the platform and we were still staying behind taking photos! LOL. But that’s the good thing about being on good terms with your group leader – you get to go back on your own! Hehe.

Jason: Go back (to F1 pit) already!!!

Me: We know how to go back on our own lah!

Jason: You all go back on your own ah! Remember to return the flower props!

That probably won’t happen if it was the previous in-charge too =/


Received so many flowers from my fans!!!


In reality, just the Mariah that got sabotaged to return the props x.x

Walked a longgggggggggg way to return the props with Lyn and in the end we realised the army guys are helping to collect them this week -____-“
3 more shows left.

Like my Ralph Lauren Romance which dropped in the middle of Esplanade, my heart shattered into pieces.



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