Usually the very first week after my period will be the week I feel the strongest, so I had quite a good training. Erm maybe except for the part when I had to partner this newbie for leg raises and she has foot odour aka “Hong Kong Feet” T.T

I remember joking around with Joanjoan during leg raises that her feet stink and who knows this is really happening! Each time she (the newbie) raises her leg up, I wanna die. I’m glad I have to breathe to my mouth instead of nose when it was my turn to do (I have my face in between her feet, imagine that).

Escaped from my ordeal and it was 3-man team~ One of my sweet partners even ran after me after training just to pass this to me! She was also the one who made us apple crumble sweet treats the previous time; sweetness overload (:

Spiderman, finally! I think I’m like the last to watch, everyone’s after Dark Knight now…lol.

Had the whole couple seat to myself; shiok-ness. Can’t make much comparison here because I’m really bad at remembering movie plots and etc. But I personally prefer the Tobey Maguire to Andrew Garfield. I just don’t like the psychopathic look of the latter. Love Emma Stone though~

*spoiler ahead*
Teared at the part when her dad made Spiderman promise to leave her. It’s just sad when 2 persons really wanna be together but for some reason, they just can’t be.

Miss Ritter: Peter, don’t make promises you can’t keep.

Peter Parker: But those are the best kind.

I don’t know much about that.



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