NE 3!

I don’t know where people always get to know all these good deals but few weeks ago Lyn sent me this ad and since we did not have to report that early this week, we decided to go get our free Marble Slab ice-cream! 😀

The queue was pretty long and we were saying what if we get STOMP-ed~ Damn xia suay! Haha!

But it turned out that I got STALKED instead! By Shuning and Nick, who were already halfway through the queue and got their ice-creams first! We were even whatsapp-ing each other, discussing about the ice-creams xD


The happy birds and their ice-creams!

Nick lent me his ice-cream to pose for the photo…hahahaha!

Finally our turn!

But it’s not exactly free because I topped up $1.50 to have the pre-customised flavour – Cookie Dough! Hehe.


Our $1.50 ice-creams! xD

I was still thinking of going down to Gelateria Italia for the legendary Mao Shan Wang durian ice-cream (I just want durian so badlyyyyy!), but after finishing my scoop of super sweettttttttt Cookie Dough, I concluded I have enough of ice-cream for the day =/

Left the couple to continue their date while we headed off for our practice~ The timing was just nice because everyone was just about to watch our last week‘s performance! Even though I can see none of our faces, I still tend to have the lump in throat feeling whenever I watch our own performance (:

Out to the field to run through one round before they continued with the finale; changes again~~~ But since the few of us are standing in front and are not part of the formation, we were not affected and so … it’s free time~!

Make-up time for the girls and zoh-boh time for me…hehe.


Behind the scene~


The makeup area~

But I prefer putting on my own makeup to avoid super thick and exaggerated makeup. (I am gao wei to share makeup anyway.) I know exaggerated look is normal for performances, but it just feels more of uglify than beautify to me =/

Set off for F1 pit building soon after and although there was no Polar snacks this week, I have my favourite biscuits from Lyn!

Rushed to get changed and bumped into Miss 一张, who asked for photo again x.x

Clearly remember putting my short tube into my bag but I couldn’t find it in the end! Zzzzzz. Worst of all, I was wearing black bra, so imagine the contrast with the sheer white dress -.-” But I still refused to wear the long tube that I was wearing because it’s seriously already damn hot being in the costume! I have my flower prop to cover anyway…haha!


In full costumes with Miss 一张!


The cute little drummers and they are called Chilli Padi! So cute! xD


The Chinese group~


Ready to set off!


There you go, here we come! (:


With my big bouquet!


People I’m gonna miss so much!!!

Every week I look so forward to Saturday but dread it at the same time. Just like I look forward for our turn to get on the float but dread it because I know the performance will be over soon again…

Nevertheless, that’s just what we have been preparing for, isn’t it? (:
The performance went quite well and I did not miss out any steps this time, though some of them still did. But the clumsy me actually stepped on my own dress when standing up from the squat position during performance! Zzzzzzz.

Hopefully everything goes well for next week’s preview as well, cause it’s gonna be a challenging week for me! And I actually still hope that I can invite the ones that I really hope can witness my performance live… Though 机会渺茫~

Anyhow, managed to take photos with the hosts after the show! 😀


With Suhaimi Yusof and Jean Danker!


With Sharon Au!


The Eurasians!


With the Indians!

Match-making time xD
And LOL at Hui En who was trying to photobomb but epic fail!

I was actually waiting for Jian Yong, who was there for the show, to come down and take photos with me! But suddenly it started pouring and it was just too heavy for the few of us to run back to join the rest!

So guess where we sought refuge…

Under the dress of the huge mountain because it was just right beside us!!! LOL!!!

Image from: NDPeeps

It was by right a very good shelter even though there was a part that is leaking and the ground was flooded as well. But the wind happened to push the part that has absorbed all the water from the leakage towards me and I got drenched somehow! T.T

Nevertheless, Huien and Chanel were making the best of the situation by singing and dancing away! How can I not love the girls for being so ever-optimistic and crazy!

So I turned a little crazy as well and decided to take the wheel! LOL.

Me: (to the real driver, who was hiding together with us) I am driving the girls back to F1. How? You need a ride?

Driver: Errr the seat is actually wet leh…

Me: Huh? Wet meh? Oh my god! Really wet leh. My kar chng is all wet now x.x

And in the end when they finally cleared everyone and the “mountain” was ready to set off, we realised they are heading to the opposite direction, so cannot long bang us! The driver even thanked me for wiping the wet seat for him D:

So we had no choice but to run to the next nearest shelter – under the seating gallery to seek refuge! There were a few staff there who happened to have extra ponchos and offered them to us! Ahhhhh~ So lucky!

But right after we put on our ponchos, Lyn and Tiff actually arrived with ponchos for us as well! But they were kinda disappointed to see us already in our ponchos =/

Still, I am really touched that they came all the way to deliver the ponchos and it’s all for my outfit! Because it was already so translucent without my tube and imagine it gets all wet! I did not even think of that actually, so it’s really thoughtful of the girls! Major ❤ !!!


Equipped with ponchos! 😀

The journey back to F1 pit building became extra long somehow, with floods here and there and all our shoes were inevitably soaked. What a day! But at least it’s something worth remembering, and it’s a day about unity as well (:

It has come to our last NE show and next week will be the last NDP weekend…sigh~ 2 more shows and it will be over again… Really 舍不得 D:



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