Macaron illusion

Sometimes I wish my mum works in a macaron shop so that all these pancakes that she brings home almost every night will turn into macarons instead! -.-“

From last night

Ahhhhh…speaking of that, I chanced upon this really pretty picture of a macaron! Queen of my heart~

(via starsandstitches.tumblr)

Skipped the extra NDP practice again and went for training instead~ It turned out that there were only 4 of us today! And our training ground was under revamp (again) so we moved into the hall~

Our soon-to-be boxing ring??? Haha!

Did rotation training for the very first time today and boy, it was so tiringgggggg~ 2 rounds of free-style followed by combo straight away without the usual break in between; so out of breath! But it was a good training! (:

Me: Aiyah…  I 2 years plus already still using wrong technique also. It’s the coach’s fault~

Mr Lame: What?! How dare you say that! Now that you said that, I shall train you hard! Scold you until you cry…

Female coach: You mean you scold Vivian until you cry ah?

Me: Yah! That’s more like it!

LOL. Everyone knows how he always kanna scolded by me…hahaha!

From tonight -_________-“

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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