Out for lunch again and I need to stop having spicy food before my pimples start popping out one by one! =/

Dessert after lunch again! Decided to try another stall~

This is more like beancurd instead of pudding (:

Chanced upon a Facebook post about macarons and people started giving recommendations on the best macarons in Singapore. Checked out one recommended one nearby – Artisan Sweets!

I had never really heard of this shop but they make pretty cupcakes and cakes too!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~ The colourful round thing that I always hesitate to splurge on!

But also never fails to lift my mood ❤ ❤ ❤
Best of all, they are biggggggggg (major shiok-ness!) 😀

One of the commenters said the Rose flavour is a must-try and now I know why! It’s like my favourite Scarlet ones from Bakerzin, except that it’s SO MUCH MORE AWESOME!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh~~~~~ *flies to the sky* Now I regret not buying 6 pieces…hehe.

Ended up OT-ing again till 9pm before I finally rushed out the cut! No more time for a good dinner…sigh. Time crawls when you want it to be fast but flies when you want it to stop.

Seem to be fated to that song.



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