Sweet treats! :D

Was having a moody Friday but then sweet treats came one after another and made my day! 😀 I sound like I am so easily satisfied…hahaha!


Yes! Macarons again! xD


The colourful yummy French biscuit! I wanna go France one day for them!!!

Another sweet treats delivery…hohoho~

Happy girl once again until it started pouring~ Such heavy rain on a Friday night, seriously?! I bet many people’s Friday night was ruined as a result; saw many cursing in Facebook…haha!

Decided to head back home to make some stuff for NDP-mates because I doubt I will have time on the actual day and it’s gonna be mad rush like last year! And although the gingerbread man turned out real ugly last year (CRY!) and I had not much confidence this year as well (since it’s my first time trying this recipe), I still wanna try making something for everyone! It’s just my little form of encouragement and appreciation towards them ((((:

But since I do not have an oven (I really wish I have!), I can only make things that do not require baking. Happened to chance upon this recipe on Kaykay’s blog few weeks ago and I was thinking of trying it!

Ironically, the most tedious step to me is actually crushing the biscuits! Crushed till 手酸, and they have to be crushed till real fine~ I had to crush like 10 big biscuits for each batch and I made about 4 batches x.x


Digestive biscuits mixed with butter to make the base


Adding cute marshmallows after the base is set! 😀


Adding chocolate chips and crushed cornflakes on the melted marshmallow!


Vegetarian version – just chocolate chips! (:

It turned out that the marshmallow became a little too hard after putting back to the fridge =/
My brother actually thinks the vegetarian version one is nicer than the original recipe…haha!

Ran out of ingredients halfway and luckily there is 24-hour supermarket near my place! Batches after batches and finally finished at 3am!!! But I still think everything is worthwhile because I really wanna give everyone something, so I don’t mind sacrificing my sleep…hehe.

Everything looks pretty okay, at least better than the ugly Gingerbread man. It may not taste fantastic but I just care a lot about sincerity, so I would still choose to make something rather than buying (:

(via starsandstitches.tumblr)


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