Bush of gold

One of the first few things I do every morning when I wake up is to check my Facebook. And this morning, I got greeted by this very unsightly photo x.x

Like OMG. I really really really don’t get LADIES who keep this bush of hair when even some men tidy themselves up for hygiene purpose! Unless every strand of your is like made of 24k gold, I really don’t see why ladies should keep such unsightly hair! –retch!

Well anyway, kinda disgusting to continue with food topic but errrr… fish bee hoon for lunch! 😀

Impromptu movie date for The Four after work and I skipped OT again…hehe.

I wouldn’t have know of this movie but it turned out to be not bad! I still don’t get why TCC said it reminds him of Dragon Ball though O.O

Not much of twist but the fighting and each of their own abilities made it entertaining! Moreover heroines always make me more impressed than heroes somehow…hehe.

Polaroids taken last Saturday! 😀

2 more days to the big day : D : <— Happy/sad.

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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