The Secret Project rehearsal!

Breakfastttttt! 😀

Actually, the main motive is to try the custard bun! But this 3-in-1 pau turned out to attract me more~ Lotus paste + tau sah + salted egg yolk; sounds like a weird combination but it was quite nice!

Skipped lunch because I have a dinner treat awaiting me, to thank me for the hard work =/
Xiao long bao and 酸辣汤!

Off for the last lap of the Secret Project – rehearsal! Got a cute Rilakkuma bookmark from Edlyn to thank me for taking over her last week! 😀

So it’s finally time to reveal the Secret Project that I had been busy with and had been OT-ing for…haha!


Here is the keyword! 😀

Everyone is putting in the effort for our Secret Project~

While I am cam-whoring away! Hahaha! I really suck in Art and Craft luh~ But I have put in all my effort in making the proposal video! (:

And here is our male lead – Mr Ronald McDonald!

And the female lead… Nope, not the one doing her own proposal board of course! I am referring to the name on the board! 😛

That’s our Art & Craft teacher – Miss Edlyn! Hahaha!

First time getting impressed by my horse-face group leader! He taught me how to make this ribbon but mine turned out like crap -.-“



But that’s not all for the night because the main motive is the REHEARSAL! Not for our performance duh~ It’s for the proposal!

Never know you needed a rehearsal for that right? But we just want the Secret Project to go on as smoothly as possible, hence we ran through a few rounds of rehearsal so we know when to on the lights, when the “board-carriers” should come in, when to kneel down and etc xD

Finished everything at around 10 and it’s time to reward ourselves…hehe.

After Jason bought 6 durian pancakes and 6 other pancakes, Edlyn messaged and said she bought Chewy Juniors for us! =OOOOO

Decided to drop by WJ’s new condo since it’s on the way and everyone else have been there except me! The view makes me wanna drink~~~ Hahaha!

I loveeeee the balcony and I don’t mind renting it for 0.01% of the current rental that they are offering! LOL.

Went down to the petrol kiosk with Shi Min and Soon Song in an attempt to find a cake for the birthday boy and Winnie went O.O when I said we are going out for a puff…LOL. Somehow it’s more convincing when I say it than when Shi Min says it -.- Unfair~ 天生 Ah Lian face…Zzzzzz.

Bought ice-creams and the only piece of cake I managed to find in the 7-11 (which turned out real awful) while Soon Song and Shi Min bought chocolates and candies respectively. Basically we bought all his favourite stuff! xD

Stayed till around 1 plus before leaving with Shi Min and the guys continued to stay for overnight Mahjong~ Tireddddddd but at least I managed to visit the condo before it’s rented out! More importantly, managed to spend a little time with the birthday boy (:


Happy Birthday to my ever cute 姐妹!

Time for the BIG DAY~

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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