Farewell, Uncle.

Had the privilege of a longggg weekend because boss declared an off day for everyone! Saved my leave because I wanted to request for it in the first place~

Was really looking forward to it because I know I don’t have much time left (I sound like I’m dying…lol). Things did not turn out the way I expected but at least that gave me the time to do what I wanted to do.

Was glued to my laptop all the way till 9 plus before heading down to Zee’s place to attend his dad’s wake. Glad to see everyone again, and glad to see that the 2 brothers still managed to crap with me (:

Sara: OMG Vee, you slimmed down a lot!!!

(When Tim and Jeong arrived…)

Jeong: 你真的瘦了,你真的瘦了。。。(because he said the same thing when he bumped into me in Bugis)

Hahaha! I think that’s the most common line I hear these days~
Trying out Zee’s S3! (He told me to try it out mah xD )

I loveeeeeeee the shutter speed so much…OMG! It’s like 128762873 times faster than mine! So jealous!!!

1 of the conversations of the night…

Zee: (Talking about Jeong’s Hello theory) He said if a girl says Hi to you first, it means she is interested in you.

Me: It’s actually quite scary to me when guys think this way. Last time I used to be quite extrovert, then….

Zee: *cuts in* What do you mean by “USED TO BE”?!

Zzzzzzzz. I really think I used to be much more outgoing okayyyyy. Now I can be quite anti-social at times~

Anyhow, the guys gambled on the remaining buffet food…LOL. I siam-ed immediately because I still remember the bloated BBQ experience! -________-|||

Looks like some triad meeting! Doesn’t help that Sara looks intoxicated there…hahaha!

Back home to continue on something which is probably deemed meaningless now; all the way till 6am and again, it’s because I think it’s worth it. But it feels like trash now. Good morning world~

Rest in peace, Uncle.

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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