Night jog!

And so…it’s Monday again. I guess the only thing to look forward to was knowing that boss gonna pass me the NDP video that he recorded for me and I’m finally gonna watch our performance!

Indescribable feeling whenever I watch our hard work being put together. Wish it never ended.

No more OT, but I actually decided to just stay in office. Bumped into buddy and Shi Min right after I alighted from the bus and I thought I caught them secretly dating! Haha!

Too bad they were just going for a jog (at such hour?!) and asked me along (together with Gui). Was actually intending to go home and settle my overdue blog entries, but somehow I went ahead and joined them =/

Jogged from my house to Thomson and I didn’t expect myself to make it…haha! After all I have stopped jogging for a longggggg time~

While waiting for buddy to settle his Standard Chartered stuff; that’s his motive of making us jog there! -.-“

Before and after filter. So many comments about my makeup and etc when I merely posted the one with filter~ It’s just the power of phone applications yo.

Stopped by the new swing at Zee’s house and weeeeeeeeeee~ It was funnnnnn!

Attempted to jog back but we only covered like 1/4 of it in the end…haha! But it was a good exercise, good for the mind as well (:

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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