Morning greetings from Mr Grasshopper~

Was extra sad when I almost had to cancel the second outing that I organised for the NDP people. I mean it’s really not easy organising an outing and I already started to hate doing it since I don’t know when. But I still made the effort to gather everyone together and we were all excited about it at the start!

Who knows so many things happened within a few days that changed the kids’ mood entirely. But the worst thing is no one informed me about it UNTIL I asked! What if I have not asked? I have already booked the big room to accommodate everyone and all of a sudden half of them are backing out…Zzzzzz.

Glad that the other half are still supportive about it and did not mind going on with the plan. I was really excited about it okay! Would be real disappointed if I have to cancel it at such last minute x.x

Mango durian waffle!

Sweet stuff never fails to cheer me up (:

Have always liked piggybacking others (because I’m a strong girl!) but never really allowed anyone to piggyback me because I think it’s torturous for whoever -.- Piggybacking a pig~

(via rememberdecember.tumblr)


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