Back to reality.

Everything has been erm… busy(?) since I returned~ Glad that I took one more day of leave and did not go for work on the day that I returned like how I did for Korea trip =/

Was dead tired but still so much unpacking to be done and I like packing gifts, which is what I spent the day doing…hehe. But despite buying so much and spending every single yen, I realised there is still not enough gifts! The bad thing about having too many friends…HAHAHA!

Well anyway, these are all I had bought for myself, plus 2 belts and a pair of shoes~ Did I mention that everything is just expensive there??? x.x

But no regrets adding that into my list of countries I’ve been to for sure (:
Oh the postcard is super expensive but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it!

Back to work on Wednesday and sorry to those that have worked hard for the past week, but I didn’t feel like I had not worked for a week plus! It just felt like a long weekend =X

My Polaroid films FINALLY got re-delivered to my office and I can’t believe it only reached on Monday!!! I thought it would have arrived at least last week but the re-delivery took 2 freaking weeks?!

Seriously, don’t ever use Eurasia Express courier service because firstly, it is not EXPRESS at all. Secondly, you can hardly contact the company because there is no number on the website and the people take forever to reply your email! Thirdly, even when you finally found the number somewhere on the internet, no one will EVER pick up your call! I held for 20 minutes for the first time and 40 plus minutes for the second time and all I heard is 13247687568376489 times of “Welcome to Eurasia Express. We are trying our best to blah blah blah, please hold to connect to us.” Did I mention that my phone bill exceeded much more than my usual because of this stupid company? Lastly, you can read up all the complaints in the various forums. Zzzzz!

Anywayyyyyyyy. Out for lunch and boss decided to go to this Bangkok Jam place in Great World City~



Reiko was surprised when I decided to go for rice but I loveeee olive rice! But I think the one in Soup Restaurant is still nicer =/

Was pretty tired and sleepy by late noon because I did not catch much sleep the previous day to make up for the hours I lost during the midnight flight~ But the day is not over because it’s the first practice of our Singapore National Games performance!

We are performing for the closing ceremony which is happening next weekend! I know it’s kinda crazy to pack my schedule like this and even Shi Min’s mum and buddy were saying that I am having too many activities (which I kinda disagree), but I still love having my schedule packed! (:

Furthermore the practices are only at Bishan stadium, which is an advantage for me! Hehe. Finished learning all the steps, which are pretty easy and then ran through a few times~


Our props – pom-poms!

Dismissal time got delayed again but at least we were doing something and not waiting around. Nevertheless, the sight of Mr. Pratform still irks me … a lot -.-“

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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