Japan Day 1 日本初日 – Hello Japan!

20 August 2012 (Monday)

I remember I said it last year that I will definitely visit Japan within the next 2 years or so and it finally happened! Thanks to SIA promotion! Haha!

I believe it’s a dream country to visit for almost everyone and it’s definitely one of mine! I have been a bigggg fan of Japan if you still don’t know…hehe.

When I was 5kg more. Oh my tian~


Luggage checked! Looks pretty empty right?!

Even when Joanjoan’s brother-in-law came to fetch us and helped me with my luggage, he was like, “You are ready to buy a lot of things there is it? Your luggage feels so empty!” Hahaha!


Boarding passes checked! 😀

We still had like 1 hour before boarding so we slacked our time off at Starbucks with our favourite Green Tea Frappuccino! Okay actually I don’t know if that’s also Joanjoan’s favourite or not luhhehe.


Right before boarding! (:

And yes, I am not paiseh to announce that this is my first time taking non-budget airline!!! LOL. And it’s SIA some more…whahahaha~

I was quite excited to experience the difference but to be honest, other than food and entertainment, and maybe slightly more spacious seat, I don’t see much difference leh! As in it wouldn’t make me go, “Omg! I won’t wanna take budget airline anymore!” =/


Goodbye Singapore~!


Joanjoan & the overexposed me x.x

Bad morning VS I must enjoy the trip! Haha!

Was watching a Japanese movie – We Were There: First Love which made me even more emo! It’s about this girl falling for this guy who still cannot forget his deceased girlfriend… But I find the guy such a jerk actually.

“I have lived my life to find you.”

Was telling Joanjoan it would be embarrassing if I start crying while watching and in the end it really made me tear, especially with the Sayonara song! T.T
But it’s also my new favourite!

Was looking forward to the in-flight food because I always had to munch on smuggled biscuits during the flight while having this internal battle when you smell the aromatic cup noodle around you! Seriously, cup noodle never smell so nice before when you are taking a budget airline! Haha! But it’s too overpriced!!! =/

So anyway, being the kiasu Singaporean, Joanjoan and I ordered the 2 different sets so that we get to try both! Hehe! They were pretty nice except that the beef was a little hard~


Japanese beef and soba!


Baked salmon in cream sauce (and my white wine)!

Even has ice-cream! But we were too full and only ate it when it was half-melted…haha!

Napped for a while before I woke up and attempted to watch the sequel of the Japanese movie that I finished! It’s called We Were There: True Love this time and if First Love was sad, True Love must be even more depressing. I FEEL SO SAD FOR THE GIRL!!! Too bad I did not manage to finish it before we touched down x.x



It was already close to evening when we arrived at Narita Airport~

And the queue at the immigration counter is so LONGGGGGGGGGGG! I find them a little inefficient and disorganised actually =/

Thanks to all the info from my brother and colleague, we did not have much problem getting around! On the expensive train ride (about $18) towards our accommodation, which took about 1.5 hour =/

So given such a longggg train ride, of course we found ourselves seats to rest right? There were plenty when we boarded anyway and we made sure not to sit in their priority seats, which are opposite us~

Then halfway through the journey, this huge man (imagine a Sumo now) whom I think is some chef because of his attire, boarded the train and saw a seat beside me but started mumbling some stuff grumpily in Japanese. He looked real tired and obviously wanted a seat but couldn’t quite fit into the one beside me…

But we were also tired after the long flight what! Furthermore we still had a long journey to go~ And none of the young ones at the priority seats gave up their seat because the Ojisan is not thattttt old actually, just tired after a long bad day kind because his grumpy expression remained unchanged throughout the journey =/

So anyway, after many stops, this lady beside the empty seat beside me alighted, leaving 2 empty seats beside me now. Obviously Mr. Sumo can fit in now and once he sat down, he started yelling chain of Japanese words at me!

Errrr it’s quite obvious with our luggage that we are just tourists and most likely don’t understand what he is saying right? But to avoid trouble, I ignored him and that made him even angrier instead!

He raised his voice even more and that’s when I turned to say in the most innocent tone, “Wakarimasen (I don’t understand) x.x “. But either his voice was too overpowering or he is just one angsty man, he continued his Japanese chant and I had no choice but to ignore him…

I even took out my train maps and pretended to see just to tell him that “EH HELLO! I AM JUST A TOURIST AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE SAYING LAH!” When communication through verbal language fails, use body language (:

He finally shut up after a few more lines (but remained grumpy) and I am glad he did not start to ki siao and get violent or anything, because if Sumo VS Kickboxing, of course Sumo wins luh!


Changing train!


Their MRT station~


Off to our final station!


Arrived at Ikebukuro! 😀

The guest house that we stayed at was also where my brother stayed during his trips, so he had given me the detailed direction of how to get there~ But somehow we missed the exit and ended up in a different place!

Tried to find our way using the maps but the sad thing is, both Joanjoan and I are baddddd with maps even though we are both Geography students! HAHAHA! So we tried to walk around a little before asking for help!

Thank goodness I learned basic Japanese in Poly (though forgotten 99.9% of them) and some of the stuff came in handy! Gonna share this because I know many people chanced upon my Korea trip posts while doing their research and I will be happy if my blog can help anyone! 😀

If you wanna ask where is a certain place…
  (Place name)   wa doko desu ka? (desu is pronounced as des, not 得素 ah!)
E.g. Where is Yoshinoya? –> Yoshinoya wa doko desu ka?

Or if you don’t know the name of the place, you can point at the map/picture/whatever you have and say, “Doko desu ka? (Where is this?)

One of the most important one will be – Where is the train station! LEARN THIS!!! Because I used it every day! HAHAHAHA! Forever getting lost~ Train is called eki (egg-ki) in Japanese, so it will be Eki wa doko desu ka? (:

Okay. You are ready to survive in Japan now…haha! But the people there are really nice so despite the difficulty communicating with them, they will still try their best to help you! 10 out of 10 whom I asked helped us!!!

So after meeting a nice couple and a nice auntie who walked us to where our guest house is, we finally reached House Ikebukuro at 9+ (your 8+ in Singapore)!


It is not at a prominent location but still quite easy to find if you come out from the correct exit. But it can be a little dark at night and I was telling Joanjoan I need to buy a bottle of alcohol every night in case we get attacked, I have something to smash the person’s head! HAHA! Alcoholic’s excuse xD


Checking in!

Not any grand place but just a simple small room with 2 mattresses and enough space for luggage (:

There is also a small TV in front as well as a mirror! Yay~!

When it comes to accommodation, I have not much issues with the room (because we will be out most of the time) but more of the toilet hygiene! But of course this was tested and proven by my brother and I have no worries about it!

Oh we booked the room that doesn’t have our own bathroom so we have to share the washroom and shower rooms~ But no worries because they are both quite clean! Of course they have rooms that come with own bathrooms as well (:

Even has a computer (with internet) and a small fridge for everyone!

Settled down a little before heading out to get lateeee dinner because we were famished! Imagine our last meal was the flight meal, which was before noon =O

Because food (and everything else) is generally quite expensive in Japan, my brother had highlighted to me that there is this 松屋 place where you can get cheap food at around 300+ yen (about $5+)! It’s considered cheap there~

松屋 can be easily found almost everywhere and there is one just right opposite our lane!

It’s quite interesting because you do not order from the person, but you place your order and pay through this ticket machine instead. So you just have to bring the ticket to the staff; no verbal communication required! Haha!

Since it was already quite late, we did not wanna have a full dinner and so we shared this beef soup and rice instead. Love having Joanjoan around because we are always sharing a meal, from Malaysia to Japan! Super save money…haha!

Oh despite it being a commoner’s meal, the beef soup thingy was niceeeeeeee~!!! Imagine if cheap food is already so nice there, what else can be not nice in Japan! Haha!


Second alcohol consumption of the day…hehe.

It was a pretty short day for Day 1~ More to come on Day 2, so stay tuned~! 😀


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