Concert Preparation!

Had been contemplating about getting rid of my bright hair due to all the “ah lian misconception” and getting suan-ed -.- But it had to be after NDP because the aunties were using my hair colour as a “marker“! x.x

So I decided to do it right after I am back from Japan, because I know it’s a common colour there and I know I kinda blend in well…hehe. Singapore is too conservative…yawn~

Well anyway, it so happened that Billy is close on the day that I am back! So I had to wait all the way till the weekend~


Ultimate taitai – Doing hair and manicure at the same time! LOL.

Billy: Your hair is so bright, it’s okay for your work meh?

Ultimate taitai: I use my hands to work, also not my hair! (I agree! LOL.)

Billy: If everyone thinks like you, I will have real good business liao.



Gim mor no more~!

Not really used to it and I don’t know if it looks better or not =/
But at least it’s not totally black; more of dark brown~

Rushed off to MINDS and they were already halfway through the activities because the project was organised by the new volunteers this week and it started at 2! But knowing that the new volunteers will mainly be the ones interacting with the residents, I was there more to help for the concert preparation! Yes, we are having a concert for the residents next Saturday for the 7th anniversary!


Even have tickets for the residents! xD

Too bad I cannot be there!!! As much as I really wanna be involved in the concert, I have SNG practice and it’s just 1 day before our actual performance, so I probably can’t skip it DDDD:

Feel so bad and useless that I can’t do much while everyone else is playing a part in it, singing, dancing and playing instruments! Boohoo~ I didn’t mind performing as a group actually x.x



Tried to help as much as I can nevertheless and while the rest were rehearsing, we were preparing the shakers for the concert! Filling bottles and cans with beans~

Also volunteered to help out in the decorations because although I cannot join for the concert at night, I can still make use of my afternoon to help! Took home some stuff to do because I dislike last-minute preparation…hehe. Furthermore, that’s the most I can help x.x

Back to the place that I had not been to for a longgggg time and I really miss! A place full of memories…hahaha! Glad to be back after 5 months and even tried something different instead of my usual 😀


Tom Collins ❤

(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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