Shuning's 23rd surprise!



Having my Kuma-kuma beside me, watching me work makes the day a little better~ Finally it’s end of work and off to PS to meet the girls for Shuning’s birthday celebration in advance!

As usual, even after I had gotten the cake, the girls still had not decided what to eat! Maybe because they know that I will make the decision eventually -.-“

Suggested Just Acia because we can have free flow ice-cream, but because it’s out of PS, we contemplated on Xin Wang instead~ Decided on Just Acia through open numbers eventually, yet there was still dilemma in which to choose! –Faint!

The queue at Xin Wang had increased from 1 group to 4 groups by the time they decided, so we headed to Just Acia instead. Who knows the queue was even longer! Oops~ Luckily it moved quite fast (:

Excited because the Santa Claus is gonna give out gifts from Japan! Hehe! But it turned out that I received a couple of gifts from the girls too!


Bee hair accessory from Limin!

It’s the exact same bee as the necklace in the profile photo on my right sidebar! 😀 She also gave me a pair of bunny ear rings even though these are not any overseas souvenirs! She’s just always randomly giving us gifts~


Pink furry Koala bag from Gold Coast!

Chii Hian: I have gifts for you all too!

Me: Oh yah~ You went West Coast right?

Kai Bin: It’s Gold Coast…

LOL!!! Go West Coast also need to buy souvenirs 就惨了 xD
Anyway, the pink koala’s lashes make me wanna laugh somehow! Hahahahaha! But I will use for sure! Loveeeeee furry stuff!

Ordered side dish for myself because what I’m after is the ice-cream…hehe. My soft serve creation! So proud of it! Whahaha~ (Okay now it’s starting to look wrong -.-“)

Just when I was thinking how should we surprise the birthday girl, she excused herself for the ladies! So I thought of a brilliant idea…hiak hiak hiak~

Last year I invited her boyfriend as the surprise guest, which really shocked her. And this year, I invited another “special guest“! LOL! Look at how surprised she is!


A different guy each year! HAHAHA!


Starting to look like a proposal xD

And of course he is not just any random guy I picked from the street (though that’s not a bad idea! HAHA)! He is Shuning’s cousin!!!

What happened was while queuing, Shuning saw someone who looks like her cousin and I sabotaged her to say Hi to him. The cousin stunned for a moment before recognising her and everything became rather awkward then!

Suay” enough, our table happened to be right next to her cousin and his group of friends’ eventually! LOL! Awkwarddddddd max~ So when Shuning went to the washroom, I came up with this crazy idea of asking her cousin to bring the cake over instead…HAHAHAHAHA!

She was totally stunned by it because suddenly her not-so-close cousin just walked over with the cake and his group of friends started singing the birthday song! She even looked on her left to see if it was for another person because his cousin mentioned that they are here to celebrate a friend’s birthday too xD

Oh the video started with my fat legs because I was too engrossed with the interesting setup and forgot about the video…HAHAHA!




“I wish Nick will make me English breakfast soon!”


“May my wish come true!”

Had a good time catching up (and pushing food around, as usual)…haha! Thank you for all the gifts, my girls! And have a blessed birthday, Shuning! 😀


A decade of friendship ❤

Was sharing with Chii Hian about Friend A and Friend B’s story on the way home and how feelings can be such a … capricious thing. Not the feelings as in mood, but the feelings for a person.

Like how A & B separated for some reasons and at the start, A was determined and confident about getting back together again after the “obstacle” but eventually realised that it’s not so much about the obstacle but that the feeling is just not the same anymore; it has become stagnant.

Isn’t it scary how the person you love deeply can just wake up overnight and lose the feelings for you? I find it even scarier after learning this, so does Chii Hian.

That’s why I warned her to keep creating the sparks in her relationship! (It takes 2 hands to clap and not just a guy’s duty to be romantic and etc) Don’t let the flame that once shone so brightly die out! Love is supposed to be eternity, not momentary.



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