SNG Closing Ceremony

So, NDP has come to an end and so has SNG now x.x
No more practices, no more dance, no more fun and craziness for now…boohoo~

Planned to go late as usual because I didn’t wanna waste time waiting nor make Chii Hian wait. But who knows they started quite on time this time round and by the time we reached, everyone was changed and already off to the field for rehearsal! =/

Mad rush to get changed and we still made it before the rehearsal started~ Just no time to take photos! Hehe.

So much changes after every round of practice and even our group leader was getting real annoyed! In a way, I am happy that it’s the last day for them because I know how 辛苦 everyone has been!

It started drizzling after one round of practice and we were all dismissed for dinner break~ Skipped it because I didn’t feel like eating at all =/


Matching ear studs!


*shy shy~*

Is it like my third time seeing Chii Hian in dress??? Haha! The last time was her Lolita costume during her 21st and the first time was of course our Deyi uniform! xD

I did not trick her into this okayyyy~ I did inform everyone that the costume will be my NDP costume, but she got too excited that she totally forgot about how my costume looks like! Hahaha!


Must be talking to the other lovebird xD

Knowing that she would still wanna take lots of photos, I initiated the cam-whore idea because she would be too shy to say she wants to…haha!

Tried to take a solo shot of her and she kept running away -___-“

I still managed to take it! Bleah~

The rare time when both of us are in dress!

The even rarer time when both of them are in dress!!! LOL!


With Ah Lyn!


She looks like she has 2 flowers on her! Haha!


With panda Jia Jia! xD

Because it was still drizzling outside, we were all given ponchos to put on! I really didn’t mind dancing in the rain if it’s not compulsory to put on…Zzzzz.


Group photo! 😀


Gearing up for the show!

Got informed of impromptu changes againnnnn right before the show and because Tiff and I were the only ones who got informed, the rest of them were supposed to just follow us =/

Taken by 1 of the trainers right before our show~

No chance to take any photos during the ceremony because my phone was with Lyn all the while and we were quite a distance apart~ But I was super lowwww anyway that even Jia Jia could see it; totally needed some alcohol for the performance!!!

Morale got even lower when we weren’t given any instructions on what to do while the games were going on, so we just stood at the front like ah gong -.- Everything was a little messyyyyy and some audience even started leaving, thinking it’s the end of the show when we had not performed yet! D:

But oh well~ Everything is over now. Time to take photos again! Haha! Chii Hian and I went around trying to find our cluster’s dragon boat and we finally found it!


Hurray to AMK for being the first runner-up in the games! 😀


The AMK-ers!


Someone I’m gonna miss a lot after this…

I really love how she loves me; always looking out for me and despite being in different groups, she was still looking for me before and after the show! Really sad having to bid farewell to her 😦


The mentors who are always so nice to me (((:


4 of us again!

Again, we were so engrossed in taking photos that we were the last few to leave! Haha! And just when the gate was closing, we realised Chii Hian is suddenly missing!

In the end we found the lovebird chatting outside the gate! Gary actually came down to watch her performance! Awwwwww~ No wonder Ah Lyn said Chii Hian kept posing to the audience area…LOL.

Went back to collect our belongings but kept our costumes on so that Chii Hian can take photo with Gary in her costume! I mean every girl would want to do that, especially when it’s so sweet of Gary to have come all the way down to support her! 😀

Me: So you didn’t know if you need ticket or not to go in? You just came to try your luck?

Gary: Yah…

Me: Then what if you can’t go in??? You gonna wait here for 2-3 hours???

Gary: I will just peep in from the side…



The lovebirds!

Gary even said she is beautiful in the dress! I helped her and hinted that the next time will be the wedding gown xD

Managed to “get rid” of the lovebirds before I embark on my breezy stroll home~ Chii Hian felt so bad that I gotta go home alone that she even called to “accompany” me home by chatting with me on the phone! –faint!

I mean the fact that I chose to walk home means I wanna be alone =/
And I was already reaching home when she called anyway…haha!



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