Was feeling super tired on Monday night that I slept for 10 hours! More than that actually, because after my alarm rang, I switched it off unconsciously and went back to sleep, thinking that it was just a dream! LOL.

Monday night’s attempt; looking good~

Tuesday morning’s result; looking bad D:
Should have stayed in the mould.

Well anyway, despite sleeping like a pig, I was still feeling kinda sleepy during training! PIG or what -.-“

The new routine will only start during the next term but we tried out the new push-up styles which include this triceps push-ups… Couldn’t do even 1! OMG. I was perspiring like mad but I just couldn’t go down the right way =/

I know my arms are quite weak all the while because I can’t do a standard man’s push-up. But it’s still kinda demoralising! And when I finally managed to go down, I couldn’t get up…LOL. Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one…hahaha!

Crazy idea to join buddy and Shi Min for night jog at Bishan Park after training! They kept saying it’s only a short distance but it turned out to be longer than I expected; enough to cause my stitches (too much water after training!) and gastric pain =/

Didn’t manage to finish the route back; stopped slightly before the destination because my stitches was killing me…Zzzzz. Shagged!!!

Anyway, I added the video of all the TH rehearsals for the anniversary entry! For those who missed it, here it is!

Watch it watch it! I really enjoyed all the items that I kept replaying them! Even has Gangnam style performance! Haha! Love the songs and the 自弹自唱 by one of the talented volunteers!!!

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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