A different weekend!

Felt like my Saturday and Sunday had been swopped because I actually spent more than half of my Saturday at home! But then again, I knew I wouldn’t have the free time the next day~

Only went out in the evening to Joanjoan’s house to borrow jeans that I needed for the next day. Thank goodness I managed to squeeze in now -.-“

Off to recce Isaac’s party venue! Looks nice right, though the function room doesn’t look that nice~ Still excited for it nevertheless! 😀 Just 3 more weeks!

Hungry monkey after surviving the day with just cornflakes in the morning~ Finally, some mushroom pizza!!!

Saturday just passed in the blink of an eye and it’s time to earn back for the Spruce lunch! Haha! Can’t believe I am taking up a job that requires me to wear JEANS! Had not been in it for like 5 years -.- And the moment I put it on… OMG SO WARM!!! Seriously, how you people stand it ah?


Pillows to sleep snack on during work!

It’s actually an event job in town which I dragged Joanjoan along because I know we are equally broke after the Japan trip! Haha! But in the end the payday is only 1 month later –CRY!!!

Reported at the venue while they were still setting up and we were given tees to change into~


In our obiang red shirts! =/


Our lanyard!

We were all split into our different stations and thank goodness Joanjoan and I were at the same one – Bouncy Castle, along with 2 other nice girls! 😀

Initially I was quite happy to get this station (so fun!), until we realised ours is the only one outside the shelter and we were soon praying for the rain! T.T

Hiding under the shelter and munching on Nutella snack while waiting for the in-charge to come to our station to brief us~ Life saviour for the hungry monkey!

The event was about women’s health and they had different booths~ Even had free massage and manicure! I was telling Joanjoan maybe we could go for a session during break time or after the event, but fat hope duh!


Fashion booth!


Food booth!

We had like 1 hour plus to slack before the event officially started at 12pm~ So of course I used the time to cam-whore! xD


Camouflaged! Haha!

Even tried out the bouncy castle because honestly speaking, I think I had not been on it before!

Yes I have no childhood because my parents probably think I might bounce and break my leg up there or something…Zzzzz. So envious to see all the open-minded parents nowadays encouraging their kids to try out the slide!



We only had 2 kids in queue before we opened up the bouncy castle and basically we just had to register them, put some hand sanitiser, and there they go~ Sounds easy right? But no! Anything to do with kids is never easy!

We had to watch out for their safety and some kids are really scary! Watching 1 or 2 kids is still easy but imagine having to watch up to 12 kids at a time! =O

I actually volunteered to be the one in the bouncy castle because I think it’s kinda fun and I didn’t mind interacting with the kids. But the downside is I never get to rest because the kids just never get tired and the moment I take my eyes off them, even just for a few seconds, you will start having kids crashing down on each other x.x

So I had to balance between being the nice Jie Jie and being strict on their safety; catching them as they slide down one after another (in case they fall) for rounds and rounds and rounds and rounds! Good exercise under the hot sun! Haha!

Just when I was real busy handling the maximum number of kids the castle can hold, these few guys came to talk to me and as much as I tried to be polite, I really had no time to spare =/

Guy A: Can adults play?

Me: Yes, you can.

Guy A: *shouts to his friends* Eh can play leh!

(After a few minutes)

Guy B: Hi! My friend over there *points to Guy A* is interested to know you, but he is kinda shy.

Me: Errr it’s okay… *continues to nanny the kids*

Guy B: Are you okay to make friend with him? Just yes or no.

Me: Errr no, it’s okay. I am working~

Guy B: Are you single or taken?

Me: I am not available.

Guy: So you are taken lah?

Me: Yah maybe?

(After a few minutes)

Guy A: Errrrr I don’t know what to say… I give you this *passes me a paper* and you read it later, since you are busy. If you don’t want it, just throw it away….okay?

Me: Errr okay.

Firstly, not very shy what -____-|||
Secondly, I was really wayyyyyy too busy to react! Thirdly, no, I did not text him. Lastly, I am flattered, but no, thank you. If we are fated, we will meet again somehow somewhere.

Anyhow, all the kids finally left when the afternoon sun started glaring down, so I finally had a break! Sweaty nose! But I kinda had fun! 😀

Had some time to slack again because it was just way too hot for the kids to play~ Even the castle itself was burning hot =/


Cam-whore time again! Hehe!


With Mojo Monster ❤

Initially it was said that 12-3pm is the peak period and we could only go for break after that. But since the sun was causing our “poor business“, the in-charge agreed that it’s a good timing for us to take turns for our 30-minute break~

But “business” got better again and I started getting busy with the kids again! Furthermore, 1 of the girls got shifted to do survey instead, so it was left with 3 of us taking turns for break!

By the time it was my turn for the break, it was already 3 plus…haha! Totally forgotten that I was hungry since morning! Was planning to get my spinach bread but Crystal Jade was under renovation x.x

Opted for the expensive spinach bread instead and splurged on the Mini One mochi bread that Yinning recommended!

It was quite funny cause I took a picture to send her to check if that’s what she was referring to and she replied, “Yesssss! You are good at stalking people, also good at finding things online ah!” I was like, “Errrr I just bought them luh!” LOL. She thought I grabbed this picture online! -____-“

Came back from break and Joanjoan had taken over to be in the castle, with a grumpy face…haha! She said she kept scolding the kids and somehow it’s just rather surprising~ I mean everyone knows Joanjoan is nothing close to me when it comes to being fierce! xD

Went in to help her and eventually took over again, since I really did enjoy being inside! Once again, the castle hit its maximum and kids were even starting to queue up outside the castle, but the kids inside just never get tired =/

Oh well~ I still had fun despite of the tiring nanny job and heavy responsibility (:
I love events job in the first place because I just love to interact with people, moreover it’s kids. Some are really cuteeeeee, but some are really mischievous too. Nevertheless, kids are always kids after all, and I just wish I can be as carefree as them~

Changed off from our smelly shirts and I brought shorts to change into as well! IMMEDIATE shiok-ness can?! Joanjoan was like, “短裤!!! T.T” Hahaha!

Back to AMK to meet Chienny for dinner and to pass her the Japanese stuff from us! While waiting for her, my favourite bunkey show caught my attention and we ended up standing for like 20 minutes or more to watch! LOL.

Couldn’t stop exclaiming about how intelligent the bunkey is and how much I wanna have one!!! In case you haven’t watched, this is the show I am talking about! You will be amazed after watching and want one as much as me xD

P.S. Remember our late night sherbet photo shoot? The photo is up! Please help to vote!!! Just 1 click! 😀


(via zodiacchic.tumblr)


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