F1 Screening @ Benz!

Thanks to yet another events job, my Sunday is occupied again! But it was only a half-day night job, so I still had some time to rest in the day (:

Off to Mercs showroom with Joanjoan and Gui was last-minute recruited as well~ I woke him up from his nap just to get him this lobang because I know it’s easy money and he needs it!

The in-charge walked us through the grand event area and told us what will be going on and etc~



Then we were given our duties with Joanjoan and Gui taking charge of the entry for level 2 and 3 respectively, allowing only registered guests to go in~ I was the personal assistant of the in-charge, assisting her for the prize-giving =O

Got briefed about the different prizes and I was starting to feel the stress, like what if I pass the wrong prize?! Thank goodness my in-charge is real nice, so doesn’t add on to the stress level~

Crowd started pouring in and since the first prize presentation is still 2 hours plus away, I went to help Joanjoan instead (:

I actually like doing this, as in ushering and so on because I get to interact with people, which is what I enjoy! Yea sometimes you meet nasty people but there are also real nice ones and I am surprised that most of them there belong to the latter. I don’t recall meeting any snobbish ones!

Even the staff there are so nice, always smiling to us and one of them even tried to get Gui a drink because he was all alone upstairs…haha! Then one of them (I think it’s the boss/manager because he was much more dressed up than the others, in big coat and etc) suddenly came up to Joanjoan and I with a stern tone…

Him: Were you two standing here just now? *point to the railing*

Us: *stunned*

Him: Were you? Were you two standing here???

Me: Erm yes…

Him: Be careful of what’s down there. (I was wearing skirt!)

Me: *moved away from railing immediately*

Him: You get what I mean right?

Me: Yes… @.@

Him: *shakes head* Be careful!

SO NICE!!!!!!! If only you witnessed our epic stunned expression when he confronted us! We so thought he was going to scold us because some guests complained or something!!! HAHAHA!


Guests hanging around, playing and drinking before the event officially started~

Off to my backstage area when it was about time to start and my nice in-charge told me to rest at the back staircase first, that’s when I finally got to sit and feed my hungry tummy some biscuits! She even offered me burger! Cho~ nice (:

The event started with a short fashion show and right after that was the trivia Q&A session where I learned that each racing car costs about S$8.4 million *insert Whatsapp shocked face* and an average racer loses about 4kg after each race! =OOOOOO

The Q&A session was also when my job comes in but due to last-minute changes, I was in-charge of taking down the names of the winners instead of passing the prizes. What happened was I was initially told that there is no need for the names for this session but after the first question, another in-charge insisted that we need.

A little dispute happened before I threw all the prizes in my hand (not literally) and went on to do the name list. What annoyed me was the fact that even when I was already doing so, someone still didn’t seem to be satisfied…Zzzzz.

I mean if I was given the instruction and yet I did not fulfill my duty, then yes, it’s okay if you use such a tone on me. But I was totally doing my job and “Are you sure there are only 2 winners so far?!” in an accusing tone was just so uncalled for. Yes, I am fucking sure.

Only managed to ask 5 questions instead of 10 before it was time for another fashion show and then the screening of the F1 race~

The screening was 2 hours, which means break time for us, finally! 😀 And we got to eat the food from the buffet! If only the alcohol too…hehe.

We were eating at the back staircase like palace maids because Joanjoan was so cold that her lips turned purple! Her trademark since I know her~ Haha!

Which is also why she refused to cam-whore with me but showed my clipboard with the prize list instead! -___-“

Of course our break wasn’t 2 hours because we were all taking turns to eat~ So went up to take over Gui for his duty and I even delivered his favourite Coke for him before that! Best 姐妹 ever~!


Level 3

Some pictures taken by Gui (as instructed by yours truly) for my blogging purpose since he was so free up here…haha!

Went back down to find Joanjoan and she was taking over the guy at another station~ She is so fated with kids xD

One of the boys: There is only supposed to be 1 car on the track right? Last time the person told me if you have too many, they will bang onto each other and it will spoil…

Me: (No idea what to reply…) Errr it’s okay luh…the real race *points to the screening* also has many on one track mah!

And he gave me a literal -.- face! LOLOL.
Back to my station to wait for the winner to be revealed and prepare for the lucky draw~

That was when the host – Bobby Tonelli talked to me! Geez~ Of course I just pretended to be calm and professional, discussing about how to carry out the luck draw and so on xD

The moment the winner of the race is out, we had to prepare the lucky draw lots of the people who had chosen the correct winner and then prepare the script, the prize and everything! Kan chiong spider much but it was fun! Reminds me of doing the live Sheng Shiong show! Hehe!

But there were so many last-minute changes from the client that I was not informed of at the end and I ended up missing 1 name from the name list! Luckily my nice in-charge solved it for me from the lots they had drawn and kinda found the “missing person“…phew!

Helped to clear up after the event and it lasted all the way till 11pm! Tired and my feet were aching! So mad at myself for wearing skirt if not I could have gotten home 50 minutes earlier by Gui’s bike!!! Argh.

But no matter how tired I am, more job please!!! 😀

(via leilockheart.tumblr)

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