Guilty pleasure.

Have been in this shopping mood these days when I’m supposed to be saving money~ Bugis on Wednesday night and although I went home empty-handed, something did tempt me! Ahhhhhh~

Then I turned my lunch time into shopping time and finally stepped into H&M for the first time! Not exactly first time because I did go to the one in Hong Kong, but the clothes just don’t interest me, which is why I didn’t bother to go to the Singapore one until now =/

To and fro the changing room and I think the staff there were irritated…haha! KIV some items; can’t wait for pay day!!! NEED to shop. Window-shopping works for now.

Love from boss! (:

Off to The Foundry and everything has changed completely. No longer the outdoor bistro but the typical restaurant now~

Glad that the taste still doesn’t change and if it has, it will be for the better (:
Just learned that capsicum doesn’t taste that bad actually; the red ones, definitely not the green.

(via zodiaccity.tumblr)


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