Knew something had happened the moment I received the comment notification, but didn’t know the worse has yet to come. Had a bad omen when the phone rang, talk about woman’s instinct.

Couldn’t stop tearing in the train for the last episode of season 1. It just hurts so much having to let go of something you love so much. I guess there is no harder way to feel pain.

Dragged myself down for training even though I was still contemplating to skip it when I was already on the way. But left early right after my 2 rounds when I was still supposed to hold for my 2 mates. Just can’t stay any longer; my heart is not there. I just wanna go home and hide in my room throughout the night…

Then I realised those tears were not because of fear, but worry.
Please be okay. Please.

(via lovequotesrus.tumblr)


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