What are words.

$1.70 lunch on one of the days.

Sour Sally lunch on another day. #moodliftersplurge

First Kiss. #moodliftersplurge

Few nights ago I was helping my dad top up his prepaid card for the phone and somehow the hotline could not get through. Tried a few times and told him it’s engaged, probably gotta call back in a while… Guess what reply I got?

“Why is it that it worked with just one try when your brother did it for me the previous time?”

I can’t help but lost it. It’s not that I’m petty here or anything; I have been so used and immune to it but this is just the wrong timing.

I am so sick of all the comparisons and knowing that no matter how much I do, I am just going to be not good enough, not worth it; all wrong. It has been silly of me.

(via whthestarscollide.tumblr)


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